Best Romantic Movies

Whether it is a date night with your partner or a girl’s night out, romantic movies never go out of style. They take us to a different world filled with love and romance.

One thing that holds people’s lives together is LOVE! Hence it is always refreshing to watch two people falling in love with each other. It melts our hearts when they finally get together after battling the difficulties. There are many classical romantic movies appreciated by a huge number of audience.

In this post, we have succeeded to pick some of the all-time-hit romantic movies especially for you. If your favorite movie is not there in the below list then drop in comments to earn your karma points 🙂

1) A Walk To Remember

Best Romantic Movies

There are very few movies that succeed to stay forever in people’s hearts. A Walk to remember is one such movie, making you fall in love every time you watch the movie. It’s a story of a teenage girl and boy who are totally different from each other. They fall in love with each other and show the world how to keep promises when you truly love someone.

Based on the best selling novel of Nicholas Spark, A walk to remember is a classic romantic movie to watch before the world ends! Mandy Moore looks too cute making it feel pure and romantic. One of the best romantic movies on Netflix!

2) How to lose a guy in 10 days

A perfect romantic comedy for your movie night! How to lose a guy in 10 days is a funny movie filled with romance. She chooses him for an experiment on how to lose a guy in ten days. He accepts her thinking that he can make any women fall in love with him in 10 days. Things are totally different when they meet each other and they accept the defeat when they fall in love.

3) Serendipity

Love brings two people together from different corners of the world, two peole who are living their own life. Love makes people meet who are destined to be with each other. Created on a very similar concept, Serendipity is a must watch rom-com where two people meet because of their destiny.

Serendipity is a simple yet heart-touching love story that holds you tight with its unexpected twists and turns.

4) Love Actually

Love actually is a fun ride that soaks you in the love. In this story, you will see a handsome (Hugh Grant) young man, who just elected as a British president falls in love with the beautiful girl (Martine McCutcheon).

This can be your traditional romantic Christmas movie to watch along with your family every year. It is entertaining, romantic and you will never get bored!

On that note, Hugh Grant got an offer to act in the first episode of Black Mirror, and thank god he rejected it! Otherwise, fans couldn’t have watched Love actually after watching him in the first episode of Black Mirror on Netflix (You know what I mean!)

5) The Notebook

Best Romantic Movies

The Notebook is one of the best romantic movies based on the book. Nicholas Spark’s best selling novel ‘The Notebook’ came on screen with the same name plus more heart-touching romance. This movie can make any stone-hearted person cry!

It is cute to watch the story of Noah and Allie, a young couple who are desperately in love. Like every other love story, there is a villain in this story too. Allie’s parents don’t approve of their love that’s when Noah goes far from his Allie. Did they get back together? No, we are not going to reveal 😉 If you are thinking about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day then you can plan a perfect cozy date night with this movie.

6) P.S I Love You

Best Romantic Movies

How long the promises can be kept fulfilled for our loved ones? Maybe until we die? Here is a love story that shows that promises can be kept even after death. P.S I Love You is a true example of the saying ‘love never dies!’

Gerry and Holly are two beautiful couple living a lovely life. But things get hard for Holly when Gerry dies because of an illness. But Gerry had planned ahead to help his wife move on with her life after his death. P.S I Love You is one such cute love story that makes you cry every time you watch it on screen.

7) Love Rosie

Distance cannot separate people when there is true love. In Love Rosie, Alex and Rosie are best friends who have to separate from each other because Alex’s family has been moved. The movie unfolds by highlighting how they cope-up with distance and succeed in maintaining their relationship.

Adopted from the 2004 best seller ‘Where Rainbows End’ by Cecelia Ahern, Love Rosie offers a great takeaway message about relationships.

8) Titanic

Best Romantic Movies

This list couldn’t have been completed without the movie ‘Titanic’. What a legendary movie! Many movies will come and go but Titanic forever stays in the heart.

In 1912, the largest ship of that time named ‘Titanic’ sank after hitting an iceberg. More than 1500 people died making it one of the deadliest disasters. In 1997, the movie ‘Titanic’ was made on this real incident which became the epitome of love in the history of romantic movies.

9) Me Before You

Best Romantic Movies

He is a wealthy young man met with an accident that made him left paralyzed. He was frustrated with his motionless life until he met this new inexperienced caretaker. The young, energetic, beautiful, ever-happy lady brings him back to his life by sparkling pure love.

It is beautiful to watch how love rejuvenates one’s life. ‘Me Before You’ teaches us how to love beyond expectations.

10) Crazy Stupid Love

When life betrays you at 40 all you need is Love! ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ is the story of a man who is living his perfect life with a big house, car, a good job but one day he was betrayed by his wife. Suddenly being alone in the world, Cal Weaver, the betrayed husband goes in search of love with a little help from his friend.

What happens next? Whether he lands in the hand of another perfect lady and perfect life? Movie has to tell us! Crazy Stupid Love falls into the list of great romantic comedy movies with its witty humor throughout the movie.

11) Atonement

One of the best romantic movies based on a book by Ian McEwan of the same name. Atonement has won Oscar award for best original score and was nominated in six other categories.

The story revolves around two sisters and one man. Atonement is a great example of how jealousy, ego, and lies can kill a relationship. Cecilia and Robbie are secretly in love with each other but Cecilia’s sister miscalculates this bonding, which results in sending Robbie to prison. All three of them have to face the consequences as the story unfolds on the screen.

Atonement is a war-based romantic drama that will leave a different impression every time you watch it. It is sad to watch the lovers part ways but in the end, nothing can beat the true love between two pure souls.

12) Dear John

It was love at first sight when John meets Savannah on a South Carolina beach. It just took two weeks for them to fall in love with each other. When John has to return to his duties they promise to write everything. As years passed, love fades and one day Savannah stops writing him letters.

John loses the person whom he loved so deeply for choosing country over love. The film wins at that point when your heart becomes heavy to watch a great love story to end.

13) Kate & Leopold

Kate is a modern executive who desires to succeed in the corporate world. Leopold, the English Duke, is a charming gent and bachelor. Their paths cross and eventually they fall in love. Old fashioned Englishman gets enthusiastic about modern American style but in the end, nothing goes as expected.

Kate & Leopold is for those who love a simple romantic drama with a pinch of humor. As the movie unfolds, along with Leopold we learn a lot about New York City.

14) A Star Is Born

Best Romantic Movies

Starring The ‘Lady Gaga’ and ‘Bradley Cooper’, a star is born shows us everything about achieving goals while holding the hand of your loved one.

A great musician who has got huge fan following meets a beautiful woman who just started her career in singing. Jackson helps Ally to achieve her dream but his career comes down because of his own weaknesses.

A Star Is Born doesn’t have a happy ending hence it is one of the heart-breaking story leaving you with tears in the eyes.

15) 500 Days of Summer

After spending 500 days with his girlfriend, after being completely dipped in love for those 500 days, Tom was dumped by the very same girlfriend. Being a romantic guy, he decides to find out that point where things went sour with his partner and decide to fix it. Did he find out the breaking moment and get back to his girlfriend? You need to watch the movie to find out the answer.

500 Days of summer looks very realistic and true to the fact. As the screenwriter proclaims in one of his interviews, 75% of the movie is based on his personal experience.

16) Little Italy

The best love story is the one that starts from a strong friendship. It is difficult to find a best friend in lover but a best friend can definitely be a great lover. Little Italy is a cute, romantic love story of Leo and Nikki who are best friends. Twist in the story is Leo & Nikki’s fathers are business rivals!

Little Italy is feast to watch with a beautiful screenplay hence it never gets old. There are sexual innuendo, references, and jokes throughout the movie so be prepared!

17) One day

Best Romantic Movies

Another great romantic movie based on a novel! Casting the beautiful Anne Hathaway and handsome James Anthony, One Day is based on David Nicholls’s novel. After graduation, Dexter and Emma promise to meet every July 15th. As the years’ pass, they succeed in keeping their promise, meet every year to share everything about their life.

As they keep sharing and seeing each other, they discover that all these years they both wanted the same thing!

18) About Time

About time is a British romantic comedy movie that blends the concept of time travel and romance in a beautiful way. Tim Lake’s family has a superpower of time traveling. When he discovers this secret from his father he uses that power to get him a girlfriend and win her heart by time-traveling as and when needed. Does he able to keep this secret from his girlfriend? Will they live happily ever after? Answers have to be found out by watching the movie.

‘About Time’ keeps you hooked up throughout the movie with its engaging plot, graceful acting, and screenplay.

19) Safe Haven

Katie, being a stranger in the city tries to keep her profile low. She gets a job, starts living her new life without letting herself trust anyone. Alex, a widower enters Katie’s life, making her feel all that love and warmth she left behind. Being warmly surrounded by Alex and his kids, Katie falls in love with this new life of hers. The story runs smoothly until a stranger enters Katie’s life!

Safe Haven is based on one of the best selling novel of Nicholas Sparks. As always Nicholas Sparks wins hearts with his soul-touching story.

20) The Fault In Our Stars

Best Romantic Movies

The Fault In Our Stars is one of the most beautiful at the same time one of the greatest heartbreaking stories. It melts your heart! It makes you curse fate for being so cruel! It leaves a void in your heart that can never be filled.

Beautifully written by John Greens, The Fault In Our Stars, the best selling novel was made into a movie in 2014. Hazel Grace, a cancer patient meets the handsome Gus Waters in a cancer support group. Two beautiful souls fall in love and get soaked in the love in the meantime of their life. The movie doesn’t end with a happy note because there is a fault in our stars!

21) Pride and Prejudice

Best Romantic Movies

Can you believe that every great romantic movie is made on the best selling book? Another great romantic movie, Pride and Prejudice is also based on Jane Austen’s novel which was written in the 18th century.

Highlighting the mentality of people during that time, Pride and Prejudice revolves around a girl and boy who are supposed to be married as per their parent’s choice. Elizabeth Bennet takes her own time to understand this stranger, Mr. Darcy who is reserved in nature. Though the movie is nothing in comparison to the book, they have made a great attempt to bring as beautifully as they can.

22) Before Sunrise

Good old movie, released in 1995, Before Sunrise, still tops the list of best romantic movies. In this movie, two passengers who are traveling to different destinations cross their path. Jesse, an American, meets Celine who is a student returning to Paris. He somehow convinces her to join him in Vienna and that is where they discover the bonding between each other.

As the title suggests, they have to part their ways before sunrise. After roaming together for the whole night in the new city the parting seems difficult for them. Before sunrise is one of the best romantic movies in the 90s.

23) Call Me By Your Name

A unique love story that is shot in the days of Italian summer. Call Me By Your Name casts an unbreakable spell on the audience with its beautiful narration.

17-year-old Elio comes to his ancestors Villa in Italy to spend his summer. There he meets the handsome man Oliver who is working as an intern for his father. They find the connection between them but they are unaware that it is going to change their lives forever.

24) When Harry Met Sally 

Harry meets Sally in one of the car ride from Chicago to New York. They argue, discuss, and share everything that is enough for them to be attracted to each other. After ten years when they meet for the second time, the bonding which they tried to hide, bursts into thousands of pieces.

‘When Harry Met Sally’ is one of great 80s romantic movie. The casting, humor, romantic quotes are perfect to make it a feast for rom-com lovers.

25) Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a 1991 animation movie suitable for all ages. Arrogant young prince becomes a beast because of the cast spelled by a wicked enchantress. He can turn to his original form only when he finds true love. But who loves such a terrific looking beast?

In 2017, the live-action version was this movie was released under the co-production of Walt Disney. Even after decades the movie and the story succeeded in catching the audience’s hearts.

26) Seven Pounds

Ben(Will Smith) in ‘Seven Pounds’ decides to transform the lives of seven people. All of them are random people and Ben has no connection with them so far.

He goes to a hospital, a nursing home, calls child service care to offer his help but he never knew that he will fall in love with one of those seven people. Emily is that girl who wins Ben’s heart despite having great problems.

Throughout the film, Ben doesn’t reveal his plans or reason why he is doing this kind of act. He lets the story unfold twhich makes the movie more interesting and it is hard to predict the story.

27) Her

Her is a Romantic movie based on the concept of Artificial Intelligence. Story of a person who ends up in love with an AI machine.

Theodore buys advanced OS which is the world’s first artificially developed Operating system. As he spends more time with this OS he feels affectionate towards the voice behind the system named ‘Samantha’.

Samantha helps him deal with his emotions and they fall in love.

‘Her’ movie showcases advanced technology and also the disadvantages of spending more time on the computer. A very well imagined script makes the movie technically advanced, romantic, and also filled with humor.

28) Life Is Beautiful

The story starts with Guido, a Jewish-Italian waiter who impresses the schoolteacher Dora with his charm and humor. They fall in love, get married, have a beautiful son, and lead a happy life. No, the story doesn’t end here. this happy family was torn apart when the husband and only son were taken to a concentration camp. How the family cops up with this separation is the plot of the movie.

Life Is Beautiful is an Italian film released in 1997 and then later reissued in English after it became a hit in most of the English speaking territories.

29) Remember Me

Love can heal any scars. Love gives a reason to live. Love makes your life refreshing and beautiful. Tyler suffering from his own troubles thinks that there is nobody in this world who can understand his pain. But one day he meets pretty Ally who changes his life for good. She cares for him, understands his pain, makes him strong to face his struggles and overcome them. Their romance fills the screen making it adorable to watch.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson steals your heart with his acting. The film is a little confusing when it rolls deeps but Remember Me is one of the must-watch romantic movies available on Netflix.

30) Ghost

Time to talk about some fantasy thriller romantic movie! Ghost movie is not just about romance, it has everything that a perfect film needs. There is betrayal, revenge,hence the story keeps you curious throughout the movie.

Sam Wheat, madly in love with Molly, is murdered by his friend and business partner. Sam dies but his spirit stays! When he finds out the cause of his death and threat against Molly, he decides to stay with her and protect her.

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