Netflix and Amazon are trying hard to attract the Indian audience by bringing quality content. Along with these big shots, streaming channels like ZEE5, Voot, SonyLiv also has bought some of the best TV shows. Hence we expect to see lots of good shows from these channels in the future.

Compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime, Prime is ahead in terms of authentic Indian movies and shows. While Netflix is only concentrating on Hindi content, Amazon has given space for south Indian content as well! Price-wise also Amazon is much cheaper than Netflix so it’s a win-win from all sides.

In this post, we are going to see some of the best Hindi shows on Amazon Prime Video.

Here is the list of top Hindi shows on Amazon Prime;

  1. Malgudi Days
  2. Bandish Bandits
  3. Mirzapur
  4. Family Man
  5. The Forgotten Army
  6. Breathe
  7. Breathe Into the Shadows
  8. Inside Edge
  9. Panchayat
  10. Afsos
  11. Made in Heaven
  12. Hostel Daze
  13. Laakhon Mein Ek
  14. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah
  15. Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare
  16. Pushpavalli 
  17. Mind the Malhotras
  18. Four More Shots Please
  19. Going Viral
  20. Paatal Lok

1) Malgudi Days

Hindi shows on Amazon Prime

“Malgudi Days” is one of the good old TV series based on R.K. Narayanan stories. Shankar Nag, a well-known actor, director, and producer from the Kannada film industry gave life to Malgudi Days and introduced Swami to all of us.

If you have missed watching it on Tele screen then here is the Good News; Amazon Prime Video is streaming this show all episodes are available. Malgudi Days brings the essence of innocence and everything about childhood making us nostalgic.

The story runs in the town “Malgudi” as imagined by the R.K.Narayan. Swami and his friends belong to this town and their life in Malgudi is the plot of the story. Since the book was written in 1943 you will see India before independence. There are few other stories included in the show which also revolve around the town Malgudi.

Malgudi Days was shot in Agumbe, Karnataka and most of the film crew is based in Karnataka. However, the entire show is created in Hindi even most of them were not good at speaking Hindi including the main character Swami. The entire crew has done a brilliant job in delivering Malgudi Days as expected by the director Shankar Nag.

2) Bandish Bandits

Hindi Shows

A mixture of classical and Pop, Bandish Bandits is a series made on love, music, and family drama. We can call it a musical series because of the melodious classical and modern music. After watching the series you will start listening to this series album more than any Top 50 Bollywood hits.

Radhe comes from a traditional music family where music is treated with the utmost respect. He is a music student to his grandfather, waiting for his gathbandhan so that he can excel like his teacher. While he is dedicatedly learning music, he meets this modern, pop sensation Tamanna, a youtube star with a huge fan following. Though they both are in the music field their path is entirely different. For Tamanna music is just a passion whereas for Radhe music is his soul. Somehow these opposite poles meet and create a link between modern and classical.

The entire casting has done a brilliant job. New faces Ritwik Bhowmik as Radhe & Shreya Chaudhry as Tamanna has a brilliant future. Naseeruddin Shah and Atul Kulkarni are the plus point to the entire show.

3) Mirzapur

Hindi shows on Amazon Prime

The making of this show will blow away your mind. The quality, the cinematography is not less than any Cinema. Before going to review, let me warn you! This series is full of foul language, crime and contains sexual scenes.

The story revolves around a man who is THE don of Mirzapur. He runs a drug business, is involved in illegal activities, and always breaks the law. Every other common person in Mirzapur is tired of Khaleen Bhaiya’s criminal activities but nobody has the question to question him.

While everyone has given up, there comes a man Ramakant Pandit, a lawyer who takes a case against Khaleen Bhaiyaa. Situations turn upside down which makes Ramakant’s sons Guddu & Bablu join Khaleen Bhaiya. Kaleen’s son Munna is one unsatisfied soul who wants to come to power & take Mirzapur under his control.

Money and power attract them but they never imagined their future. Series of Incidents take place and the climax has an unexpected twist.

After years of waiting, now the second season is out on Amazon Prime and the climax is brilliantly amazing. If you are interested in Crime thrillers then Mirzapur should be on your list.

4) The Family Man

The Family Man has Manoj Bhajpayee in the main lead. Along with Manoj, Priyamani, a Kannada actress who has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Hindi is in the show as the wife of the family man. She is frustrated for managing things alone, stressed by her husband’s behavior who never spends time with her, handling kids, and fighting herself not to fall into the trap of an affair. She has given her best as Suchi.

As the show highlights, it is inspired by daily events. They have picked up some of the hot discussions that India is facing currently and knitted them together to make a story out of it.

The story runs around the mission Zulfikar which is planned by a group of terrorists. How they will find the criminals with the help of available clues, hints, and links is the plot of ‘The Family Man’.

Srikant Tiwari is a family man with a wife and two kids working as a special officer in the NIA (National Intelligence Agency). He is always busy chasing criminals, finding out terrorist plans, training junior associates, and many other things. His family and friends are fed up with his unavailability during family gatherings yet for Srikant, Nation comes first.

There are 10 episodes, each with almost 50-60 minutes duration.

5) The Forgotten Army – Azadi Ke Liye

Hindi shows on Amazon Prime

Most of us have read about the Indian National Army (INA) founded by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Apart from this, we don’t have much knowledge about this army. What happened to them, How they survived in Singapore, all such questions have remained unanswered.

Director Kabir Khan has worked on this aspect and tried to showcase the history of INA in the series The Forgotten Army (TFA). The series is based on a documentary that was telecasted in Doordarshan in 1999.  The first season was released in January 2020 with 5 episodes each with a duration of 30 – 35 minutes.

The series showcases series of events from World War II to the Maynamar fight.  Every episode has Sharukh Khan’s voice as a background narrator who gives a glimpse of the INA history. The cinematography is brilliant especially the war scenes. The perfectly chosen cast makes this series more appealing. However, 5 episodes are quite less to show the history of such an aspiring army. Overall it is one of the best Hindi series to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

6) Breathe

Hindi Shows on Amazon Prime

How far can you go to protect your loved ones? Women stealing bread might look like a thief to society but she will be a hero to her children who can satisfy their hunger. This doesn’t mean that society should accept sympathy-based crimes. Crime is always a crime. Breathe is one such series that makes you think about who is right and what is right.

Amazon along with Madhavan created this crime thriller show ‘Breathe’ which shows the extraordinary circumstances faced by an Ordinary man to save his dying child. This is one of the best Hindi web series on Amazon Prime. Madhavan acted as a caring, loving single parent to a 6-year-old son Josh. Everything goes upside down when Danny (Madhavan) came to know about Josh’s Congenital lung disease.

What happened to Josh & Danny cannot be revealed because that is where the suspense of the story lies. Amith Sadh has given his best as a tough and rough cop. Atharva(Josh) calling his father ‘Daada’ is the cutest in the entire series. Madhavan being in the lead role will not disappoint you. Breathe is one of the worth-watching Hindi shows on Amazon Prime.

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7) Breathe: Into The Shadows

Breathe into the shadows

Though this show is similar to Breathe with the same concept and Amit Sadh, we cannot call it season 2 of Breathe because it is not! There is no link between Breathe & Breathe: Into The Shadows.

However, if you watch this show after watching Breathe the concept would be more clear. Breathe: Into the Shadows has Nithya Menen, Abhishek Bachchan & Amit Sadh in the lead roles, and Baby Ivana Kaur, Hrishikesh Joshi & Shrikant Verma & few others in the side roles.

Nithya Menen’s charm has filled the entire show. She has again proved that no role is difficult for her. A loving mother who is ready to do anything for her daughter! ANYTHING!! Abhishek Bachchan in his dual role has shown great involvement and if we have to pick some of his best performances then this would be the one. The story revolves around a kidnapped girl, the daughter of Dr.Avinash Sabarwal and Abha, and the case being invested by the officer Kabir Sawant. One of the best Hindi shows on Amazon Prime when it comes to a suspense thriller.

8) Inside Edge

Hindi Shows on amazon Prime

Are you a cricket fan? Then you should definitely watch this series. It depicts some dark secrets, ugly truths of India’s most admired sport.

Inside Edge is the first Hindi Web series by Prime Originals.  Cricket is mainly played by politics, bribery, eluding, crisis, fixing, Inferiority complex, pressure, sex, fame, ego… This show is based on the Indian Premier League, a series of incidents that take place from the first match of the Powerplay league till the final.

Every episode has its own twists and surprise elements. As the commentary continues for every ball you will be jumping out of curiosity to know what happens next. Inside edge show is proof of how Cricket has become a business than a sport in India.

Vivek Oberoi has got a good role to make his comeback. His acting is too static compared to others in the show. He could have given more weight to his character. Richa, Angad (Arvind), Tanuj (Vayu), Siddant (Prashanth), Amit (Devendar), Sayani (Rohini) who covers most of the screenplay have given their best.

I must say Inside Edge is one of the best Indian TV Show that was created based on real incidents.

9) Panchayat

Hindi Shows on Amazon Prime

TVF is back with a bang! This time on Amazon Prime Video. The quality of TVF shows has always been amazing and their script is worth watching! Out of the Top 10 Hindi Web Series on Youtube, five are from TVF. After the enormous success and huge fan following TVF started their own App and moved all the shows from Youtube so that they can monetize the content.

There was a gap in between and then came the Kota Factory! TVF proved again that when it comes to the quality of the content nobody can beat it. This time TVF had spread its wings to Amazon Prime Video to bring their new TV Show ‘Panchayat’.

TVF star, most famously known as Jeetu Bhaiyya is in the lead role. Raghubir Yadav and Neena Gupta bring more shine to the show with their experienced acting. The show is about a guy who is an engineer but ends up being a Panchayat secretary in a village because of the lack of a job.

The show is about his frustration towards his life, village life, and the whole Panchayat system. Panchayat is a smile yet a beautiful story addressing the real concerns of society.

Hope TVF continues to produce more and more such shows making Indian content-rich on Amazon Prime.

10) Afsos

Hindi shows on Amazon Prime

Story of a man who hires an assassin to kill himself! Yes, you might be wondering what kind of crazy or psychic this man is and that is what Afsos is made of.

After many failed attempts to take his life, Nakul hires an assassin to kill himself. The assassin is known for her job commitment and she never leaves her job unfinished.

However, Nakul changes his mind and wants to live. Most importantly he has to escape from the assassin. The story continues with the assassin chasing Nakul to complete her job.

Heeba and Assasin are the assassins and her prey in the main lead. Afsos makes you glued to the TV and finishes episode after episode with its interesting twists.

11) Hostel Daze

Hindi shows on Amazon Prime

Any movie or series if it is made on Engineering or hosel life then definitely it will reach more people. Most of us have experienced hostel life and a common engineering degree is the main reason for this successful history.

Hostel Daze is one such series based on Engineering students and their hostel life. Four students(Ankit, Chirag, Jaat, and Jhantoo) from the same wing meet each other and start exploring their hostel life. Their bonding, debates, clashes, semester preparation etc is the story plot.

Though the story is not fresh, the entire cast has given its best to give a fresh feeling. You will not be bored and binge-watch the entire season. Hostel Daze shooting was done in Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT), Pune.

Second season of Hostel Daze has been released recently on prime.

12) Made in Heaven

Hindi shows on Amazon Prime

India is famous for Spices, Internet usage, cricket craze, food, and many other things. Indian wedding is one such thing about which people love to talk worldwide. Indian weddings are huge with lots of traditions, people, food, colors and it runs from days to months. ‘Made in Heaven’ is based on Indian weddings and the associated drama around it.

Tara and Karan are Delhi-based wedding planners, running their wedding planner agency under the name ‘Made in Heaven’. A wedding is a place where old meets new, tradition meets modern touch creating conflicts between younger and older generations.

Made in heaven highlights the real problems with Indian weddings. Dowry, virginity tests, generation conflict, sexual assaults, affairs, homophobia, and what not! There are only 9 episodes that will make you glued to the TV. The story narration is amazingly brilliant!

13) Laakhon Mein Ek

Hindi Shows on Amazon Prime

This show portrays the ugly realities of the Indian Education system. Laakhon Mein Ek is a story of a boy who wants to be a mimicry artist but his father forcibly admits him to the IIT coaching institution.

What makes this show more interesting is that there is no dragging or overacting. It delivers exactly what it is made for. Most importantly it shows the hype of Indian coaching centers who act like profit-making machines.

Take away message is, not everyone can be an IITan, not everyone has to take science in their academics, education is important but doing what makes you happy is more important.

Season 2 has been released with different casting and storyline.

14) Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

who doesn’t love to watch Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah again and again? One of the most loved and longest-running television shows which were aired for the first time on SAB TV in 2008.

Now Amazon has bought it and made it easily accessible to the fans. This sitcom revolves around the residents of Gokuldham Co-operative Hosing society, Mumbai. Mr.Jethlal Gada’s family is in prime focus and they will make you laugh with the whole heart.

A simple family drama with comedy as the main ingredient. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah can be your stress buster, can be watched with the whole family. 

15) Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare

Hindi Shows

We have seen Zakir Khan rocking the floor in his comedy shows Haq Se Single & Kaksha Gyaravi. He has gone a step ahead to try his luck by acting as the main character in a series. If you think Zakir Khan can only be the best stand-up comedian then you are completely wrong! Through Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare he once again proves that he is a master when it comes to screen appearance. 

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare is a story of a 26-year-old jobless bachelor whose chacha is an MLA. To the outside world, he is a nephew of an MLA so he can do whatever he desires but only he knows the bitter truth. But he doesn’t show it openly and roams around the town with shoulders held high. 

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare is a light comedy show with a simple storyline that will make your stressed day better.

16) Pusphavalli

Hindi Shows on Amazon Prime

Pushpavalli, a Tamil Brahmin girl pursuing her food science degree in Bhopal, one day attends a food conference. There she meets the handsome hunk Nikhil from Bengaluru who was quite jovial with her. She takes him seriously and starts following him by crossing all the limits.

It feels like they have stretched the story a little more than required. However, Sumukhi has done an excellent job in creating this series all by herself.

Acting-wise, Shraddha emerges as the best among all other characters. As a PG aunty, she makes you laugh with her ‘Paashupalli’ tone. Pankaj who is Pushpavalli’s friend screams irritably and uses F-word in every sentence. Nikhil, Swati, and other PGmates’ acts are fair enough for their respective roles.

17) Mind The Malhotras

Hindi Shows on Amazon Prime

Co-produced by Dia Mirza, Mind The Malhotras is a complete family show based on Israeli comedy La Famiglia. The story revolves around the Malhotra family who is experiencing a mid-life crisis and contact therapists to solve their problems.

Malhotra couple Rishabh and Shefali Malhotra have three kids, 2 girls and one boy, and Rishab’s mother in their family. The couple were enjoying their not-so-perfect life but frightened to the core when one of their friends got divorced. This makes them seek the help of the therapist to prevent divorce and that’s where the story starts to unfold.

Couple start explaining their problems in the sessions and how they cope up with each other’s differences is the end of the story.

The plot is very light and can be watched along with kids. Married people can relate to most of the topics discussed in this series. The cast is perfect and in my personal opinion, Shefali stands out from the entire crew with her energetic performance.

18) Four More Shots Please!

Hindi Shows on Amazon Prime

Four more shots please is the story of 4 women who meet each other accidentally in a bar. Then they develop friendships between each other sharing their stories and being part of each other’s life.

They have their own problems hence the world looks completely naive to them. A complete feminist show (In fact, they have misunderstood the concept of feminism). They could have shown the female characters more strongly by using this platform.

Four more shots please could have been better if they have highlighted the real problems that women are facing in recent times. Such as education for girls in villages, women in politics, sexism etc could have been highlighted in a better way.

19) Going Viral

Hindi shows on Amazon Prime

Life has become full of Social media, internet sensation, viral, trending, hashtags, likes, comments and subscribe. We have lost ourselves in the digital world. The Internet is like medicine, an overdose may cause many side effects.

Going viral is made on internet freaks who are stupid enough to believe anything from the web. Being famous on social media is like being rich in Monopoly. Nothing is permanent in e-world.

Kunaal Roy Kapur as @Gaural has stolen the entire show. His witty acting made me laugh throughout the series. Will the Mad company including Nathasha, Peon, Frehan succeed to hold the company on the top trending list or everything turns out as a disaster? Watch on Amazon prime to know more.

20) Paatal Lok

Hindi Shows on Amazon Prime

Released in May 2020, Paatal Lok has received lots of negative reviews because of its anti-Hindu content. If the director really wanted to address the real concerns of secularism then it should have been done from every angle. Showing only one side story makes the one hypocrite.

Paatal Lok is a crime thriller, the story of a cop haunting the assassins. Loosely based on the novel The Story of My Assassins by Tarun Tejpal novel, Paatal lok has attracted an audience who loves the crime genre.

That’s all folks! Watch these Hindi shows on Amazon Prime and let me know your opinion! Happy watching 🙂

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