Netflix finally tweeted about Squid Game season 2 by posting a 10 seconds video of the famous Young-hee doll. Following that tweet, there is another tweet containing a letter from Dong-Hyuk, creator of Squid Game where he announces season 2. Though there is no confirmation about the exact date and month it’s official that Squid Game season 2 will be released soon on Netflix.

In September 2021, Squid Game was released worldwide on Netflix. Instantly it became one of the best shows on Netflix. The writer, director, and executive producer Hwang Dong-hyuk, South Korean Film Director, started writing this script in 2008. He completed the writing in 2009 and approached many Korean producers and directors. But it didn’t pick up because many thought that the story is very ‘unrealistic’ and ‘grotesque’. Feeling dejected, Hwang kept the script aside and worked on his other films. When Netflix expanded its territory to produce non-American shows, Korea was one of the main spots they concentrated upon. Hwang approached Netflix with his script with the hope that the struggle of survival during a pandemic may make the script look realistic. Finally, in 2017 Netflix announced that they will produce Hwang’s script.

The official announcement of Squid Game Season 2

As stated by Hwang in his most recent letter,12 years of hard work for Squid Game took just 12 days to become the most popular Netflix series ever! When he was writing the script, he just wanted it to become the most-watched on Netflix in America for at least one day and today it’s the most-watched Netflix show all around the world.

What is Squid Game?

Squid Game is a show on Netflix, available in different audio languages, including English. It is a survival-based game where around 456 players were involved in a contest, and risk their lives to win a huge cash amount. They go through many games where their life is at the stake! If they survive that round they will be qualified for the next round or they are dead. There is no third option! They are bought into this game by powerful wealthy people who want to self-entertain by looking at people killing themselves. The whole setup is well-organized with masked men wearing red suits and black face masks and hence players will not get to know them personally.

Thus there are six games in the Squid Game show, and the number of people goes on reducing with each game. At the end of the sixth game, out of 456 people, only two people survived to play in the finals. It is ironic to see two friends facing each other, ready to kill one another just for the sake of money.

Is Squid Game a Real Game?

Apart from the real Squid Game which comes in the first and final episode of the show, the remaining five games are derived from the nativity of South Korea.

Squid game is mostly played during childhood by South Korean people, mostly famous during the 1970s and 1980s. The format of the game is exactly as shown in the show. It is one of the most physically aggressive games that Hwang played in his neighborhood. The unique visuals of the game attracted many curious viewers.

The games in the Squid Game are not very challenging. But the only rule is either win or die! The games look pretty simple! For example, the first game ‘Red Light Green Light’ is an easy game where players have to run as per the directions given by the motion-sensing animatronic doll ‘Young-hee’. They have to run or stop depending on the red or green light. But the twist here is, that there shouldn’t be any movement when the doll is turned. Because the doll detects the motion with its sensor and immediately kills them. Looking at the other people dying next to you and holding your body still is not that simple!

Squid Game Cast

Squid Game Season 2

Since it is a South-Korean drama, the actors in the show are from South Korea (Except one!). The cast includes Lee Jung-Jae (Gi-hun), Park Hae-soo (Sang-Woo), HoYeon Jung (Sae-Byeok), Wi Ha-Joon (Hwang Jun-ho), O Yeong-Su (Oh-IInam) and others.

The three main characters of the squid game are; Seong Gi-hun, also known as Player 456, is the show’s frontman. He is portrayed as a kind, helpful, and affectionate man. Cho Sang-woo, also known as Player 218, is brilliant compared to other players in the game but is also selfish. Kang Sae-Byeok, also known as Player 067, is a model, who dies suddenly in season 1. Fans are expecting her to show up in season 2.

In the show, they are called by their number instead of their name. As the show highlights the competitive mindset and survival instincts of humankind, the characters are built with good and bad natures. This creates conflict between the players and creates more havoc between them.

What can we expect in Season 2?

At the end of season 1;

Gi-hun has won the squid game and the remaining 455 players are dead.. He has won 4.5 billion south Korean won which is equivalent to 30 million dollars! The final episode also contains a one-year life span of Gi-hun after winning Squid Game. He hadn’t touched his prize money because of guilt, and one day meets Oh-IInam. He discovers the shocking truth about the killing game. We also saw the man in the suit along with another poor guy playing ddakji with him.

Now as per the hint provided by the creator Hwang, In season 2, Gi-hun, the frontman returns to the show. We also will see a man in the suit playing ddakji, picking people for the next round. Also, there is a new character introduction. Young-hee’s boyfriend, Cheol-Su.

Fans are eager to see the new survival games and how Gi-hun plays role in this season. Being one of the richest men, whether he takes the seat of the wealthy people watching the games or takes part in games as one of the participants is yet to be known.

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