Top TEN Shows Of 2022

With many streaming services coming into the limelight, Netflix is losing its charm year by year. Even after that Netflix has succeeded to maintain its credibility with the help of its good old shows. New seasons of popular shows including Stranger Things, In The Dark, Maid, Emily In Paris, and a few others have earned billions of views in a short span of time. Along with that Netflix released many new shows in the year 2022 and some of them earned popularity as soon as they were released. Today in this post, we will be looking at the list of the top ten shows of the year 2022 on Netflix.

Netflix has made a few changes to its policy this year. At the beginning of the year, Netflix increased the prices of its basic, standard, and premium subscriptions and introduced ad-based services for lower rates. Till now Netlfix account holders could add up to five profiles. From 2023 these accounts will be treated as sub-accounts and have to be paid extra to keep them. Thus Netflix has put on strict restrictions on its password sharing policy.

Top 10 Shows Of The Year 2022

1) From Scratch


Inspired by the memoir of the same name by Tembi Locke, The Scratch is a series on Netflix created by Tembi Locke and her sister Attica Locke. The Scratch is all about love, loss, and resilience.

Amy, an artist from America meets Lino on the streets of Italy for the first time. At that instant, she wasn’t having a single clue that he will become an integral part of her life. As they meet quite often they fall in love. Even though they have cultural differences love wins and they get married to be with each other for a lifetime but life had different plans for them. When Amy loses Lino to cancer she comes back to his mother along with adopted daughters where she finally finds solace. From Scratch is a heart-touching love story that makes you laugh and weep at the same time.

2) Extraordinary Attorney Woo


As fans are waiting for the release of Squid Game Season 2, here is another South Korean series that may impress some of them. Extraordinary Attorney Woo highlights societal behaviors toward disabled people. Having autism spectrum disorder, Woo Young-woo suffered bullying and face talking from her school days. After graduating from law school she was hired into a large law firm in Seoul through her father’s connections. Though she has communication problems she excels as a successful lawyer through her intelligence and photographic memory. Her unique approach to resolving every complex case becomes well known in her firm the same place where she was considered as nobody in the beginning.

3) Wednesday


Most of you have might have seen Wednesday costumes last Halloween. No wonder this series attracted people through its supernatural comedy and horror elements. Built based on the characters Wednesday Addams and Charles Addams, Wednesday is a popular show on Netflix for the year 2022.

Wednesday Addams joins Nevermore Academy after getting expelled from her previous school. She finds it difficult to make new friends because of her sarcastic and wicked character. As the story continues she notices weird incidents happening at Nevermore Academy and suspects something mysterious at the place. As she tries to solve the mysteries she also makes new friends during this whole process.

4) Inventing Anna


Inspired by a piece of article in the New York Times about the true story of Anna Sorokin who conned the upper echelons of New York by posing as a wealthy heiress. Julia Garner, The Ozark actress is in the lead role as Anna Delvey.

Journalist Vivian Kent chases the story of a con artist to find more truth about her. Anna Delvey came to New York with no money, no connections, and no support scoring herself a place amidst wealthy tycoons by posing as someone else. Anna’s confidence and ideas to become rich blows Vivian as she digs deeper into the story. Inventing Anna is one of the engaging shows released on Netflix in 2022.

5) Lincoln Lawyer


Based on Michael Connelly’s bestselling novel, The Brass Verdict, Lincoln Lawyer is another legal drama series on Netflix with Manuel Garcia-Rulfo in the lead role. The first season was released in May 2022 and it got renewed for the second season which will be based on the novel ‘The Fifth Witness’.

Mickey Haller is a defense attorney who practices in his Lincoln Town Car because he thinks better when he is on the road. He takes up small and big cases across LA but goes on a year’s break after an accident. When Hollywood lawyer Jerry Vincent is murdered, Haller restarts his practice by taking up the case. But Haller doesn’t know that the murderer is coming for him next.

6) Dahmer – Monster


Dahmer is based on the true story of a notorious serial killer in the United States mostly known as Jeffrey Dahmer. This story has been collected from the points of view of his victims.

The series highlights the life story of Jeffrey Dahmer and his killings. Every crime that happened in Bath Township, Ohio, West Allis, Wisconsin, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin between 1978 and 1991. For more than a decade Dahmer kills 17 teen boys and young men escaping from the law and police. The show also includes his trial, the misconduct that might have happened by the police department, and the end.

7) 1899


From the creators of the famous time travel shows Dark, 1899 is another mystery thriller series available on Netflix. This show has received a lot of appreciation from the audience for its casting, cinematography, and acting. Sadly, Netflix canceled the second season of 1899 for unknown reasons.

In 1899, a migrant ship leaves its old continent to head west. The passengers on this ship are a mixture of European origins looking forward to a better future at their destination. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when they find another migrant ship on their way. This ship adrift in the open sea makes their whole journey a horrifying nightmare.

8) The Fame Game


The Fame Game is a Hindi show starring the iconic Madhuri Dixit in the lead role. Madhuri has done an outstanding job through her acting, dance, and whole performance. Netflix has canceled the second season so there will not be season 2 of The Fame Game.

Anamika Anand is India’s most famous actress. She has her own family consisting of her husband, a daughter, and a son. One day she goes missing creating chaos across the country. Her fans pray for her safety as the kidnapper keeps her for days. At the same time, painful truths about her family and her flawless character get revealed to the viewers.

9) A Model Family


Another South Korean series has made its way with its gut-wrenching action and suspense. The show highlights the importance of family over money and how a small family wins the battle against a drug cartel.

Dong-ha, a common fan facing bankruptcy and troubles in his married life one day discovers a car full of money and drugs. Little he was aware that money belonged to a drug cartel and they will be after it. Gwang-Cheol, one of the members of the cartel comes in search of the money and the man. He pressurizes Dong-ha in all the ways he can to get his money back. Dong-ha’s family gets involved as he dives deeper into this mud. The fight between these two men is the main story of the series A Model Family. As per the audience, the show has uncanny similarities with the show The Ozark which is known as one of the best Netflix shows.

10) Uncoupled


Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Uncoupled stands unique in this list because of its story. This is the LGBTQ show on Netflix released in 2022 concentrating on gay relationships and love at the age of 40.

Michael has a perfect relationship with his boyfriend for seventeen long years until one day he moves out of the city. At the age of 40, Michael has forgotten how to mingle or how to find a new boyfriend. His friend Suzanne
(Tisha Campbell) helps him to make new connections but Michael seems to be failing at every attempt. Uncoupled feels a bit dragged but it is very light and the comedy throughout the series makes it worth watching.

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