Silicon Valley is one of the famous shows on HBO. The show is about an Engineer who is trying hard to start up his own company with the new technology he has invented. His roommates join him and the thus story continues highlighting their struggles, skills required to handle the competition, and everything you need to know about Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is a region in the San Fransico Bay area. Hundreds of corporate companies are located in this area including big shots like Google, Youtube, Facebook..

Richard Hendricks creates a data compression algorithm under the name Pied Piper. This algorithm can compress huge data within seconds and so far nobody has reached this speed.

Initially, he was rejected by many companies but his luck turns out once after he meets Peter Gregory. Peter Gregory has built his own company and is an established well-known CEO in Silicon Valley.

While Richard is struggling to bring his algorithm to market, there exists another man who tries to copy his algorithm. Richard is innocent and less aware of corporate culture. Hence he had to face many consequences with the man Gavin Belson.

Richard shares Pied Piper equity with Erlich (House owner), Dinesh & Gilfoyle (Friends), and Jared (Assistant). They all work together to make Pied Piper a successful company.

After reading this you will definitely add Silicon valley to your watchlist along with other best shows on HBO.

Here is the Official trailer;

People who know about Silicon Valley, working in corporate offices, Engineers, living in Silicon Valley, who started their own company can relate to facts shown in this series. Most of the incidents shown are true and can be related.

The story takes a different turn in every episode making the show more interesting. There are total 5 seasons available on HBO & 6th one is supposed to release in 2019.

Most of the engineers want to start up their own company with their ideas and talent. Silicon Valley is the story of every such Engineer.

Silicon Valley highlights the real problems of startup. If you are planning for a startup then there is a lot to learn from this series.

1)  ‘Silicon Valley’ Lifestyle is not easy

Richard is the newbie in Silicon Valley. He is a struggling entrepreneur who has nothing established. All he has is, his data compression program & his brain.

So he will become a tenant of Erlich Bachman. Erlich Bachman owns a house in Silicon Valley(!), rents it to Engineers like Richard and gains equity from their startup instead of rent.

The idea is cool, isn’t it?

Even though Erlich is not part of the project Richard had to make him equity partner because he is living in his house. That’s the deal. If Erlich throws him out, Richard will become homeless.

This shows us that Silicon Valley Life is not easy. One need to struggle, be ready to sleep on the road (If required), share equity with people like Erlich and many other things.

2)  Lack of Charisma can be a hiccup

Being in Silicon Valley means you should be ready for anything. It won’t work if you just write your code and make the program work.

For example, Richard was good at programming. Nobody can beat him when it comes to writing a data compression algorithm. However, he lacks the charisma of behaving or talking in public. He stutters, forgets what he wants to say, makes weird body language, and hence loses the opportunity.

Do entrepreneurs need Charisma to be successful? Yes!

When a similar question was asked in Quora, Stefan Schneider writes that entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, etc also had the problem of speaking in public.

This is what Bill Gates says about Silicon Valley TV series.

It eventually comes with the experience but initial days are definitely difficult.

3) Competition is everywhere!

This is one obvious thing in every field. Wherever you go competition follows you. Competition is at its peak in Silicon Valley.

Every day hundreds of ideas originate but very few take the path of success. When you speak about your idea in public there is a risk that it might get copied and produced by someone else. Because there is no patent to the idea. Once it’s out, it’s OUT!

In Silicon Valley, Richard develops his program but Gavin Belson has created a similar algorithm. Gavin owns a company so he has resources and money to bring this algorithm to market. Whereas Richard is struggling to find the investors.

4)  Startup needs business tactics

Richard started his company in the Garage. He got his friends support to make it big. He doesn’t have any resources or fund to make it successful but he is struggling hard to keep pieces together.

Everything is fine!

But that’s not it! Business needs more. Business needs management skills, a clear plan, and other business skills. These are the bridge to connect your idea to Silicon Valley. If you lack these skills then the bridge starts shaking.

5) You should be aware of copywright

In the second season, Gavin sues Richard for the copyright issues. Gavin claims that Pied Piper was created using one of the Hooli’s computers hence he wants to own Pied Piper.

Now Richard has to keep a lawyer and prove that Pied Piper belongs to him.

In startups, people coming up with Copyright issues is pretty common. They just appear from nowhere to get the product for nothing, You should know all these things to not to get into the trap.

Jian Yang was a tenant in Erlich Bachman’s house. He learns everything about Pied Piper, goes back to China and start a similar business. Richard doesn’t even know about it!

6)  ‘Big Head’ is everywhere around us

Big Head is Richard’s friend who got more benefitted from Pied Piper. Even more than Richard!  In the first season, Peter Gregory & Gavin Belson contact Richard to partner with Pied Piper.

Richard chooses Peter over Gavin. Since Big Head is a friend of Richard, Gavin hires Big head thinking that he might share Pied Piper algorithm code. Big head gets a huge salary and benefits from the Hooli company.

His job is just to share what he knows about Pied Piper (Actually he knows nothing!) & spend rest of his time on the terrace eating popcorn.

Whereas the real brain behind Pied Piper was living a miserable life.

In any company there exist people who do not work but get all the benefits. Hardworking people will be always working hard! Though hard work gives result one day for sure, it pains at that time.

7)  One must need support

Though you have created the product, though you know how exactly the algorithm works you need support. Morally, financially, technical support is required in any startup.

It starts from one brain but grows only when others join.

In Silicon Valley, Richard had Erlich who supported him through business skills. Dinesh & Gillfoye were the backbones of the data compression algorithm. Jared managed his business.

At one point Richard says that he can do it alone and everyone will leave him. But this backfires and they realize their weak point.

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