Friends series is one of the famous American show started in 1994. This show ran successfully for 10 years!! Even after decades, people love to watch Friends on Netflix and it has never lost its popular show title.

Friends will remain one of the best show and forever on the top Netflix shows list.

This show is about 6 friends living independently in Newyork. 10 seasons show the bonding between them, their lives, funny incidents, life events and everything they do together.

Why friends have become so famous is because of the friendship between them. It feels like you are living their lives and you love to be one of them.

We watch many shows and movies in our lifetime but very few remain in our memories. Very few shows become close to heart and they are difficult to forget.

Friends series

Whenever people ask ‘How you doing?’ Joey’s tone rings in your brain ‘Howwww youuu doinnn?’ (With a wink). When you say ‘Oh my God‘ you want to say it in Janice’s style. When People complain to you about your cleanliness you ask yourself ‘am I becoming Monica?’. When you see people jumping from one relationship to another you know that they belong to Rachel’s category. When people say ‘Your sarcasm is good‘ you get Chandler Bing feeling. A monkey reminds you of Ross, smelly cat reminds you of Phoebe. Thus you can relate most of the things happening in your life with friends series.

Friends series

Friends are important in life. Without them, life seems boring, slow and meaningless. We all had that gang in our school and college days. We used to spend most of the time together. Friends were close than parents and siblings. Once after college, we all scattered. Life became so busy that they are hardly in contact now.

Friends show is not only about friendship. It has everything, love, relationships, laughs, commitment, struggles of life and hence is a mix of all emotions.

It makes you laugh your heart out, cry hard, feel bad for them, and be one of them.

1) Siblings are your best friends!

It is universal that siblings often end up in fighting. And siblings should be like that! Fight for no reasons, complaining to Mommy & Papa, not agreeing to share things, taking granted…


Even though they never express it, they always do care. If a third person talks about their brother or sister they will become angry instantly. They can do the same thing but others CANNOT!

In Friends TV series, Monica and Ross are Sister & Brother. They belong to the Gellers family. Monica is a chef, living separately in an apartment and Ross is Palaeontologist living on his own. They are friends more than brother and sister. When Ross became the father of Ben, Monica was the happiest person.

2) Love starts with friendship

Yes! Most of the time, we fail to recognize that feeling between friends. We take them so lightly that we fail to notice those teeny weeny love sparks.

Monica & Chandler’s friendship turned into a relationship & then to marriage. They both were perfect together. If they failed to notice they would have lost the best relationship.

Before it is too late express your feelings. Don’t be like Ross!

Friends series

3) Transformation needs will power

You have seen Monica’s childhood pictures. She was so fat when Chandler met her for the first time during Thanksgiving dinner. Same Monica was astonishingly transformed by losing her weight by the next Thanksgiving. Chandler who gave her ‘Fattie look’ earlier was checking her out from top to bottom.

So if you have will power anything can be possible. Losing weight, forgetting Ex-boyfriend, moving on in life, Studies, or anything!

4) Nothing is Permanent

Phoebe’s childhood was not great. Her mom killed herself, her step-dad was in prison, she came to Newyork when she was 14, as a kid she was a mugger, later she married a gay, her sister was a porn star….

Friends series

Having such terrific experiences in life Phoebe never seemed to be bothered. She is happy with her life. She works hard, she has friends and her life is great!

So don’t worry if you are facing a difficult time in life. Wheels of life keep on changing up and down. Things will change eventually. Just learn to love your life.

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5) Taking care of our loved ones

Have you seen how much Chandler cares for Joey? Joey and Chandler are roommates and Chandler knows that Joey doesn’t have enough to pay his bills.

Having a good salary Chandler pays Joey’s bills and never mentions it. In the last episode when he & Monica buy a house, Chandler says about the extra room where Joey can live. Throughout the seasons, Chandler never leaves Joey’s hand.

If you want to be a good friend, parent, or kid then try to understand others problem. It’s not just about the money. Help others with whatever you can and never mention it. Good deeds will definitely payback.

6) Being Independent

This is the major lesson that Friends teach us. Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel & Joey all 6 of them are independent. They pay their apartment bills, food and everything on their own.

Rachel, the rich kid runs away from a wedding and she doesn’t know how to live on her own. Others give her strength, place to live, ask her to smash her dad’s credit card and make her independent.

Never be dependent on anyone.

7) Kindness Matters

Have you seen anyone who is as kind as Ross? He was whiny but he had a very kind heart. When Phoebe said she never had a cycle in her life, he gifts her one and also make sure she learns it.

He bought a monkey and cared it like his kid. When museum people had to take the ‘Marcel’ the monkey Ross cries like a baby. He loved Rachel more than anything in his life. Ben was his love.

Joey was no less. Though he never shared his food with anyone or had a strong relationship with any girl he was innocent by heart. He proposed Rachel because he thought single parenting would be difficult for her. Joey Bought bracelet for Chandler.

Friends became a great show because of such small kindness acts that they showed on the screen. This applies in real life too.

Thus Friends Tv series teach us many things like moral values, friendship & relationship goals in life. I have watched all the season thrice and can watch it n number of times. The jokes will never be boring!

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