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This American television media has produced some of the best originals. HBO Now is entertaining its customers with fun-filled programs since 1972.

HBO has maintained its value amidst the big shots such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc. The stories are chosen to depict reality or showcasing real-life incidents. For example, the TV Show Chernobyl is made about the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster which happened in 1986.

Hence you might have list of best shows on  Netflix or Must watch shows on Amazon Prime, TV Shows on HBO will never fail to impress you. There are very few shows but every show is excellent in its own way.

1)  Game of Thrones (GOT)

Shows on HBO

How can we start talking about HBO without mentioning GOT? R. R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series of novels has been created into Tv series by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

Happened in England during the formation of seven Kingdoms, GOT is about acquiring the Iron Throne and the alliances formed between various kingdoms in order to be the king of all.

For the die-hard fans here is the link to remember everything about previous seasons.

2) Chernobyl


Chernobyl is a miniseries produced by HBO Now and SKY UK. The story is about the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster that happened in April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant located near Pripyat, Ukraine.

Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster is one of the deadliest disasters causing the death of lots of lives and creating years of impact. The accident happened at reactor No.4 during a safety test, which leads to a series of events because of the ignorance of the head of the crew.

Chernobyl on HBO showcases the series of events that happened during the disaster. The story has been brought on screen with the utmost truth and highlights the real incidents happened at the power plant. The cast is chosen to resemble the real people making it more realistic.

The exact process and what went wrong during the safety test has been explained neatly and scientifically. It is sad to see the death of thousands of innocent lives because of someone’s ignorance. Till today people who were evacuated during the incident are forbidden to enter their home, making Pripyat a ghost city.

3) Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley on HBO

Silicon Valley is another must-watch show on HBO. It is the story of an Engineer who tries to start-up his company in Silicon Valley.

Richard has invented a data compression algorithm with high speed that none have achieved so far.  He has skills but no experience and a low financial state making his struggle to establish his dream company ‘Pied Piper’.

Though the show depicts the dark secrets of Silicon Valley, it is one of the best comedy shows. You will laugh your heart out while enjoying Richard’s innocence, Erlich’s nonsense, Dinesh’s foolishness, Gilfoye’s smirk, and many other fun things from the show.

A more detailed review of Silicon Valley can give you a glimpse of this show.

4) True Detective

HBO shows

True Detective is a crime suspense drama, received appreciation for its screenplay and the story. One of the best detective series in the history of TV shows.

If you love shows like Sherlock then you should watch True Detective because of its specialty in making.

In the first season, Detectives Rust & Marty investigate a murder which was done by a serial killer. This killer used to leave a similar kind of tattoos, marks on the dead body. It takes place in Louisiana. Along with detectives, a few Homicides work on this case but unable to find the killer. It took them 17 years long to solve the case!

The second season takes place in California where a group of detectives and polices investigate the murder of a politician. A businessman who was criminal in the past and his activities are the main part of the investigation.

The third season is the investigation about missing Children.

5) The wire

Shows on HBO

We were suspicious when we started ‘The Wire’ on HBO. However, it proved us wrong and made me binge-watch this series once it picked the speed.

The wire is the battle between drug dealers and investigators. Baltimore is a drug prominent city where police are struggling to maintain low crime rates, clear drug selling corners, and most important of all they are trying to find the kingpin.

The person behind the drug business is hidden but his boys are working all over the city. McNulty, Kima, Lieutenant Daniels, Major Rawls, and other Homicide investigators form a team to hunt the drug dealers.

This team works in a basement and takes a step by step decisions to progress their investigation. They get permission to wire the telephone of the drug dealers and that’s why the name ‘The wire’.

It feels like a real story with small steps taken in the investigation unlike sudden twists happens in other crime thriller series.

6) Westworld

Shows on HBO

In 1973 ‘Westworld’ movie was released highlighting the androids (Robots which look like Human) technology and the consequences with the humans.

This story happens in an amusement park made of three ‘Worlds’. People can buy tickets to the theme park and begin their adventures with the so-called androids.

The Westworld series on HBO is based on the same movie. The guests in this park are allowed to pursue any of their desire (Including rape & murder) because the hosts of this amusement park are robots (looks like humans).

Compared to the movie, this series is elaborated in two seasons making it more specific and detailed. It is interesting to watch the misbehaviour and ugly face of humans when they are told there are no boundaries to their crime.

7) Vice Principals

Vice Principals on HBO

If you are looking for a show filled with comedy(dark!) then check out Vice Principals. After Eastbound & Down, Danny McBride has hit the TV screen along with Walton Goggins as a Vice-Principal.

The storyline is very simple; Gamby & Lee Russell, vice principals have their eye on the principal seat. The competition between them has made them hate each other.

Even after the retirement of current principal, these 2 don’t get a chance to be principal and still remain as vice principals of the school. This makes them angry and tries funny things to annoy the new principal.

Thus the show will make you laugh out loud! I’m sure you cannot stop laughing whenever Danny McBride & Walton Goggins are on screen. They both have rocked their performance.

8) The Big little lies

Shows on HBO

Three women whose kids are going to the same school are the main characters of the show ‘The Big little lies’. Madeline, Celeste  & Jane are the mothers having their own issues but kept them as secrets.

When these three women are involved in a murder investigation, secrets start to unfold. The Big little lies is the emotional roller coaster ride of families & relationships.

This show shows that though everyone seems happy there is always a sad story which they are trying to hide. Especially in relationships, the life of these three women looks so rosy to the outside world but inside they are shrinking.

There is not much weight in the story but the cast and theme of ‘The Big Little Lies’ makes it one of the must-watch shows on HBO.

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