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I have seen shows like Breaking Bad, Narcos, The Sopranos but The Wire on HBO stands out of the crowd because of its unique way of storytelling. I also can proclaim it is the best when compared to all the above shows.

“The Wire” on HBO highlights the drugs business and the police effort to ‘minimize’ the drug crimes. Why I have highlighted the word minimize is, Drug is one such game which cannot be stopped!

While Police arrest one kingpin, slowly his assistant or opponent will be raising as next leader who eventually becomes the Kingpin. It is never ending game and unstoppable. All Police can do is MINIMIZE!

The wire is one such TV show where most of the facts shown are true. We all know how America is fighting the drug war and the problems associated with it.

The Wire is not a show, it is the game. There is no main character in this show. The show that doesn’t have a hero or villain. It is just a show where a bunch of police investigate against the drug dealers.

That’s it!

This is the reason ‘The Wire’ becomes a legit show! Police can relate to the scenes and accept the fact that hunting drug dealers is not an easy job.

As most of the fans define “The wire shows how exactly our system works”. While Police are trying to investigate drug dealers they have to deal with pressure, politics and the higher authorities who really don’t care about the crime.

One of the police officers brings all the drug dealers in one place and ask them to do as they want! They can sell drugs under the supervision of Polices. He took this action because he wanted to show the minimum crime rate to his higher officers. This depicts that police doesn’t care about the addicts or drug deaths as long as there is a low crime rate.

How The Wire is different from other crime shows?

Usually, such shows follow a regular template. There will be good and bad, a set of actions happen on the good side based on the actions of bad people.

But here in ‘The wire’ there is no such template in the story! It has a simple flow showing both sides regularly and making it hard to predict the storyline.

At the end of ‘The Wire’, you will start thinking about Good and Bad. Not all drug dealers are bad, they have come to this business because of poverty, lack of education and unemployment. They have hearts too! They know it is illegal and fighting hard to be on the bad side. It is not their mistake, the mistake lies in the system.

If I say ‘The Wire’ is the battle between the White and Black then I guess I’m not exaggerating. All the drug dealers in The Wire are black people. It is disheartening to see 10-12 aged kids becoming criminals in this drug business. In that age, they should enjoy playing, school, eating candies instead they are enjoying murdering and selling drugs.

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What Baltimore people say about The Wire?

The Wire is set in Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore is one of the largest and most populated cities of The United States. The drug business is very prominent here because of the high unemployment rate and poverty.

They accept the facts shown about drug business but they are not happy with one-sided Baltimore shown in the show. According to them, Baltimore has another beautiful side with its outstanding museums, fine universities, world-class medical research institutions, tourist attractions, and beautiful, and tree-lined residential communities.

The Wire on HBO

What else?

Idris Elba (Stringer Bell) is the Dude of the show. After Avan’s Barksdale arrest he took over the drug business. He is one smart and the intelligent fella who knows how to runs the business.

He even goes to school to learn business tactics. Jimmy McNulty team tries hard to find Stringer Bell but he makes sure nothing spills from the hand.

In the drug business, there is always one Kingpin. If someone wants to rise above him they have to kill him! That is how it works. Also, if the boys make any mistake irrespective of their contribution to the business they are going to be killed by their boss.

Some scenes, murders will make you feel sad. The way Omar was killed, the attack on Police officer Kima, McNulty struggle with personal life and alcohol addiction, Bubble’s poverty, and many incidents/characters affect you even after the show.

By Myna Ghosh

Working in the entertainment industry for the past 6 years. Author. South Indian. Rajni fan. Love to watch movies.

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