Stranger Things Season 4

On May 6th Netflix released the second trailer for the most expected show Stranger Things Season 4. This is the second trailer for season 2 and the 1st one was released on 14th Feb 2020. Stranger Things one of the top shows on Netflix (and most-watched!) is making fans curious with its latest trailer.

We all know that the show Stranger Things has a huge fan base. Fans always look for clues to find out more about the Season 4 release date and this time they have spotted something that looks like a release date! Because the new trailer released by Netflix has the description 002/004. Fans immediately started putting the theory together about this number and stated that season 4 is going to be released in Feb 2022. If that is true, we have 10 more months of a wait to see the upcoming season of Stranger things. But we guess that the number in the trailer description is not related to any date and it is the number of trailers that Netflix is going to release for season 4. For 1st trailer, this number was 001/004 and for the second it is 002/004!

Stranger Things S4
Scene From Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer 2 (002/004)

However, there is no official statement by Netflix or Stranger Things team about the expected release date. One thing for sure is, there will be few more trailers (at least 2 more!) tuntil the final release hence we have a lot more to guess!

Stranger Things S4, Trailer 1

On 14th Feb 2020, the first trailer of Stranger Things S4 was released. It was a perfect valentine’s gift to Stranger Things fans. The scene opened with a snow-filled, guard monitoring Russian land where many men are working even during the snowstorm. As the scene comes to closure, we see a man taking out his cap, revealing Hopper’s face. Now we are sure that Hopper is not dead (as shown in Season 3) and Eleven hasn’t lost her papa!

Stranger Things S4, Trailer 2

In the latest trailer, we see the Hawkins lab, with children playing chess, red cubes, chasing the car in a rainbow path in their hospital gowns. We also see that Dr. Brenner is back to whom the kids call Papa as shown in the trailer. We also see Dr. Brenner asking ‘Eleven, are you listening’ while she is gasping for breath and finally opens her eyes. The trailer leaves fans wanting for more! Fans are already looking for more clues and hint from these two trailers just to make out what exactly might be the story and when it is going to be released. We also see new characters in season 4 so there might be more kids with power like Eleven.

All we know that Stranger Things next season is going to be the most exciting and interesting season ever! We are eagerly waiting to see Eleven, Hopper, Dustin, Mike, Nancy, Jonathan, Max, Billy, Will, and the entire cast of Stranger things.

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