Emily In Paris

It was almost a year before the release of Emily of Paris. After a successful season 1, fans were eagerly waiting for the next season. Within a year, the creators of the show released season 2 which is in Top list from the date of release. As the title says, Emily in Paris is about a girl named Emily who recently moved to Paris from Chicago, America. Through a series of episodes, the show highlights the life of Emily in Paris.

Season 2 of Emily in Paris was released on 22nd Dec 2021 on Netflix. When the first season was released in October 2020, it immediately gained the attention of fashion enthusiasts. Emily, a 29 yo American who moves to Paris for work, starts exploring the new French life. She is new to the city, language, people, culture, and being on her own was messier than she thought. Her superior Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) is not very fond of her hence every day is a struggle for Emily. Though her colleagues are welcoming they express their dislike against Americans in every possible way. But Emily is not the kind of a person who gives up easily. She accepts every rejection, disgrace with a wide smile on her face. She will make an effort to get to know the people thus making her way to their hearts.

Emily in Paris

Emily succeeds in finding the best people who become her best friends. Her blunders in work create chaos but most of the time her creative mind works better than anyone. Season 1 left us with a romantic spark between Emily and Gabriel, a chef who is struggling to open his restaurant. Since he was already in a relationship with Camille, this thing between Emily and Gabriel arose many questions.

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People were curious to know what happens in season 2 between Emily and Gabriel. As we guessed, season 2 didn’t conclude anything about Emily’s relationship status. People who love Emily and Gabriel are crying for not keeping them together in s2 however few people are happy to see Camillie and Gabriel supporting each other. Alfie, the new guy whom Emily met in her french class was a new entry to season 2 but we have to wait and see about his appearance in season 3. Emily and Alfie looked perfect together on the screen. From disliking each other to dating they have come a long way in a foreign land. Like any other Netflix show, Emily in Paris also has messy relationships which the show creators keep dragging for every upcoming season.

Splash of Color

Plus point about season 2 was outfits of Lily Collins and Ashley Park. The colorful outfits, cute purses, and bags, hats, umbrellas, heels, accessories are the highlights of the show. Ashley Park was more charming in season 2 than season 1. Her character has been uplifted and given equal importance as Lily Collins. If there is the best ‘Best Friends’ award from Netflix then Emily and Mindy can be the first nominees. Not just the women’s outfits but the show has given eye-catching men’s outfits too. The floral prints and vibrant color suits worn by Julien (Samuel Arnold) are the head turner.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu played Sylvie, she shows you how to rule like a boss. Her supremacy shines throughout the show. She looks fabulous in every outfit. At her age, she is an inspiration to many looking fabulous and successfully running a marketing firm.

There are many loopholes in season 2 of Emily in Paris. The climax is not satisfying, apart from 2-3, all other episodes do not have much story to tell, good old relationship drama has been dragged unnecessarily, unlike season 1 there is no real crisis which is taken care of by the marketing firm.. It feels like in season 2, creators have given more importance to looks, style, and relations than the real job of Emily. Hence sometimes audience gets confused about why exactly Emily is in Paris.

If you keep all these things aside, Emily in Paris is super fun to watch. Every episode of Emily in Paris is colorful hence 10 episodes in season 2 are worth binge-watching. Each episode lasts for 30-40 mins. If you are looking for something light, funny, and cute then go for this! Emily in Paris won’t disappoint you!

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