Stranger Things Cast Then and Now

Finally, the wait is over! Stranger Things Season 4 will be streaming worldwide on May 27th. When the first season was released in 2016, nobody expected that this show is going to create history. As the show gained popularity, the Duffer brothers and Netflix both realized that this is a gold mine. Hence from the second season, the promotion of Stranger Things has taken a whole new level. As a result, 40.7 million household accounts watched the global launch of Stranger Things season 3 breaking all the Netflix records. It looks like the premiere of season 4 is going to break that record too. During the launch of the trailer, and promotions, it was surprising to see the huge transformation in Stranger Things cast.

People thought Stranger Things 3 was the end because the final episode looked like a happy ending. All the characters were wrapped nicely to have a beautiful future ahead. El’s being with her mom and brothers, Joyce is surrounded by the people whom she loves and cares about, and all the other kids living happily in their own world. It was a perfect climax except for Harper’s death.

But when the season 4 trailer came out the surprising element was Harper! He is alive. Held in one of the Russian experimental facilities, Harper seems to be trapped on another planet. Since El has lost her powers it is interesting to watch how season 4 unfolds without damaging the perfection of the previous three seasons. Whatever may be the case, fans are waiting to see season 4 because this will be the last and final season of Stranger Things hence will be released in two parts.

Yes, Stranger Things is coming to an end!

It’s been seven years to Stranger Things’ legacy and lots have changed during these years. We all know that the casting of stranger kids was mostly kids, now all of them have changed unbelievably. They all have Instagram profiles with millions of followers. This small army of Stranger Things cast faces the media confidently and answer all the questions gracefully. You won’t believe the transformation of Eleven (Milli Bobby Brown). From an innocent girl, she has grown to be a beautiful woman who is ready to take down the world with her charm.

Not just Millie, every kid from Stranger Things looks a lot different in Season 4 compared to the first season. We have watched them grow from ground level hence viewers feel attached to Stranger Things compared to other Netflix Shows.

Now let’s look at them one by one and see if you can believe your eyes.

Stranger Things Cast Then & Now;

1) Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven)

Stranger Things was the first big project for Millie Bobby Brown. Stranger Things made her a star after that she hasn’t turned back. Producing Enola Holmes, one of the most-watched Netflix films was the greatest decision of Millie’s career. This movie with Millie in the lead role received huge praise along with Millie’s performance. After that, this girl has been busy with multiple projects in her hand. The girl really has some superpowers in her real life.

2) Finn Wolfhard (Mike)

This boy has turned into a handsome teen. We have used to seeing him as Mike in the Stranger Things but boy he is more than that! Finn Wolfhard is a comedian, musician, and guitarist. After Stranger Things, he has been part of a few films including the ‘It’ and ‘Richie Tozier’. If you want to see the real Finn, you should visit his Instagram profile where he keeps posting a lot about his activities.

3) Noah Schnapp (Will)

The boy who vanished in season 1! The boy because of who the whole Stranger Things happened! Yes, you are looking at Will. Noah Schnapp played the role of Will in season 1 and now look at him. It is difficult to believe this transformation. We are not sure whether we should be happy for them for growing up so beautifully or sad because they aren’t our favorite kids anymore.

4) Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas)

Being enthusiastic to learn acting and dancing, Caleb McLaughlin took part of in many Opera house shows, Broadway shows such as the musical ‘The Lion King’, and many guest appearances including Unforgettable, Forever etc., Caleb finally got a chance to act as one of the lead roles in the Stranger Things cast which changed his life. Caleb McLaughlin is also a singer, you can listen to his latest song here.

5) Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin)

From being a cute munchkin on the show to a handsome teenager, Gaten Matarazzo proves that change is constant and necessary. He hosts the show ‘Prank Encounters’, on Netflix, a prank show recorded with hidden cameras. He is 20 years old now, living in New Jersey with his elder sister Sabrina and a younger brother Carmen.

6) Sadie Sink (Max)

Sadie Sink joined Stranger Things cast from season 2 as ‘Max’. Sadie utilized this huge opportunity really well. Though she started her acting career at the age of 11, Stranger Things was a big turning point. Sadie Sink is a vegetarian, and vegan lover who has collaborated on a documentary (Dominion) focused on animal rights.

6) Joe Keery (Steve)

You won’t see much difference in Joe Keery’s because when the season 1 was released he was already a teenager. One of the eldest kids in the Stranger Things cast, there are many ‘Joe-Hair-Lover’ (Not the chest hair!) fans! Along with acting, he also pursues singing as his passion and seems pretty successful. Joe Keery was not one of the core kids in the Stranger Things hence he has got a lesser screenplay but the impact is huge.

7) Natalia Dyer (Nancy)

On the sets of Stranger Things, Natalia Dyer is another eldest cast member after Joe Keery. In Stranger Things, Nancy proved that she is the girl’s boss by utilizing every possible opportunity hence people who love to see Nancy in action in Season 4. Natalia Dyer is dating Charlie Heaton, the guy who played Jonathan’s character in the Stranger Things. Together since 2017, they were seen on a double date with co-star Joe Kerry.

That’s all about Stranger Things cast. There are already many fan theories, speculations, and expectations flowing online but all we can do is, wait till the 27th.

Who is your favorite from Stranger Things cast and why? Answer in the comment section.

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