Orange Is the New Black is one of the top shows on Netflix. This show revolves around the life of female inmates and has some dark secrets (scenes) about the Jail system.

Involvement in drug money business with her Ex-girlfriend brings Piper Chapman to Litchfield, a women’s federal prison. Her girlfriend Alex Vause is a drug smuggler who meets Chapman in the same prison.

Then they rediscover their relationship, bonding with other inmates and their stories, Litchfield prison security watch, Prison rules, and the personal lives of numerous inmates make the story interesting.

Orange Is the New Black is one of the most-watched TV show on Netflix. Some people criticize the show for its nude scenes and the lesbian stuff but OITNB fans never underestimated the show.

Sadly OITNB is released its final season in 2019 and fans are not happy to see the show end. Good or bad this woman army was the complete entertainment. They were mean but funny, in prison but smart, always fight but care for each other, silly but natural. It had everything that a great show needs to have!

Before they go let them know better. OITNB official handle had shared some of the beautiful pictures on its Social Media.

Piper Chapman & Alex Vause

These two were in a relationship before going to prison. After Breakup Piper lost contact with her Ex-girlfriend, engaged to a boy and started living the upper-middle-class life. However past drug deals bring her to prison.

Piper Chapman role is played by Taylor Schilling. Though she was worked on various assignments, OITNB is the one which gave her fame and publicity.

Alex Vause is Laura Prepon, known for her height (5′ 10″), Spectacles, and possessiveness about Piper.

People love this couple and they are popularly known as #vauseman among their fans.

Angie & Leanne

These two are hilarious! They act like brainless junkies throughout the season. They burn records maintained by Jail officers, take drugs, trust outsiders and make fool of themselves.

This is how they look in real life!


Emma Myles played the role Leanne Taylor & Julie Lake played the role Angie Rice. The duo is popularly known as #leangie and they are best friends in real life too.

Nicky & Lorna

Another beautiful couple from the set of Orange is the New Black. Lorna is innocent and trying to move on with her life. By the time she came to prison she was engaged to a man and dreaming about her wedding once after she is free from Prison.

However, Nicky loves her deeply and the conflicts arise between these two. Apart from this confused relationship, they are friends forever and together in every crime.

Fans are just praying to see this pair happy and together in the final season.

Nicky is Natasha Lyonne, actor & Producer (Russian doll on Netflix) received Emmy award for this role. She is cool with everyone giving them advice and snaps people who show attitude.

Yael Stone, Sydney theatre award winner is a famous Australian actor portrayed the role, Lorna.

The Kitchen gang!

When we are talking about Litchfield Kitchen you should know first on the list is RED! Kate Mulgrew as Red loots everyone’s heart with her Italian accent. She holds power as the head chef of the Kitchen and mother of all. Her red-dyed hair, red nail polish, well-maintained appearance makes her one of the posh ladies of the prison.

Orange is the new black cast

Praise Norma! Red’s friend in the kitchen. Norma always talks with fellow inmates using her signs. We got to know that she got voice only when she sang Christmas song at the end of season one. This innocent lady suddenly becomes the leader in season 3 and everyone starts saying ‘Praise Norma’. The role is played by Annie Golden.

Blanca Flores is another inmate helping Red in the kitchen. She was mentally unstable when she came to prison because of illegal immigration. Director told Laura Gomez that she can be as ugly as possible to be Blanca!

Aleida Diaz and her daughters also can be seen in the kitchen enjoying special privileges.

Maritza & Flaca

These two girls should be awarded for their business ideas. The way they started the business from prison is commendable. They even opened a Youtube channel to talk about life inside prison. 

Flaca(Jackie Cruz) and Maritza (Diane Guerrero) always talk about fashion, makeup, physical appearance and are besties of Litchfield prison. Now they are separated and fans are asking to reunite them in the season finale.

Big Boo & Doggett

Lea DeLaria is Big Boo in Orange is the new black. In real life, she is also a Jazz singer and comedian.

As the name says she has a big personality using which she threatens other inmates.  Apart from being in REd’s gang and dominating others, she doesn’t have any special skills.

Orange is the new black cast

Dogget believes in Christianity always chanting something related to religion and self-esteem. She develops a special attraction towards one of CO.

Big Boo & Dogget are often seen in their bunks.

Family Drama

There are some families inside Litchfield giving an emotional touch to the show. Dayanara is the daughter of Aleida Diaz(Elizabeth Rodriguez), a Spanish family who most of the times can be seen in the kitchen.

Daya is one innocent woman, becomes pregnant after having a sexual relationship with the CO (Correctional Officer of the Prison). The character is played by Dascha Polanco who described her character as ‘more beautiful than Disney princesses‘. They all made their own Spanish group to dominate the prison activities.

Apart from real relations, there are some made-families inside Litchfield. For example, Red used to treat Nicky like her daughter, More than her mother Dayanara trusts Gloria Mendoza (Selenis Leyva) and many other undeclared families of prison.

Litchfield Officials

Security of Litchfield are frustrated, cunning, and never tried to listen to inmates concerns. One of the CO (John Bennet) had a sexual relationship with the inmate and made her pregnant. Instead of accepting the fact, he threatens Daya’s family. Once the problem becomes more verse he flees from the prison leaving everything behind.

There are different blocks in Litchfield such as A, B, C, and D. Luschek is a cunning and short-tempered security guard of the Litchfield. He will make you feel angry by seeing the way he treats inmates.

His (Matt Peter) debate with Janae Watson (inmate) about a lost screwdriver is one of the viral scenes in the history of OITNB.

Sam (Michael Harney) is another CO of Litchfield. He is racist, homophobic, unreasonable, sensitive and one of the good officer. Sam tries hard to be a good officer but somehow he fails in his every attempt.

They are rough…

Mendez! Corrupt CO of men’s prison. Pablo Schreiber has done such an excellent job that it makes everyone to hate him! He misuses inmates with his power for sexual assaulting. However when Daya claims Mendez is the father of her baby he leaves everything for her.

Orange is the new black cast

Caputo is the warden of Litchfield prison. Having his own personal issues he plays politically. Most of the inmates hate Caputo, the role played by Nick Shadow. He watches porn in his office! Caputo failed to control the riot, the aggressiveness of inmates shook him completely.

Charlie Coates another CO most of the times seen with Dogget. Initially, he treats her well but later he starts raping her and treats her like a dog!

Best acting award in Officials goes to CO Piscatella, the role played by Brad William Henke. Oh man! He is powerful, rude, covers mistakes of his staff and never supports inmates.

Salon in Prison

All kinds of issues faced by the LGBT community are highlighted in the show Orange is the New Black. Sophia Burset (Role played by Laverne Cox) is one of the transgender working as a hairstylist in prison. Though she is friendly with everyone, Sophia is dealing with transphobia because of bad treatment by the guards.

Inmates who have money to spend on their hair & nails come to Burset’s salon.


Litchfield prison is a mixture of all kinds of people. There are Christians, Jews, Non-Christians, religions. Atheists and many other types.

People try to convert others into their religion or belief. Cindy Hayes popularly known as Black Cindy in Litchfield converts to Jewish in Season 3. Adrienne C. Moore played this strong, powerful, carefree role who slowly develops bonding with other inmates.

Ginsberg and Boyle help Black Cindy to become Jewish.

The Other Gang

Orange is the new black cast

One of the main highlights of Litchfield Prison is racism. There exists a black gang consisting of African American inmates.

Black Cindy is the leader and soul of this gang. With her personality, she can protect the members of her group, keeps them together, support them and be there for all in and odds. Remember, black Cindy can be fooled easily 

Crazy eyes – one of the funny characters of Orange is the New black show. While dealing with friendship and controlling her anger, Crazy eyes need extra care. Uzo Aduba has won Emmy award for this role.

Taystee is Tasha Jefferson is the mother of this group. She calms crazy eyes, cares for Poussey, maintains the library job and has a good sense of intelligence.

Poussey friend of Taystee who tries to avoid sexual relations with Taystee and quits group when they started selling Cigarettes. It was heartening to see her die in the riot when a guard pressed her with his boots  Hence we will miss Samira Wiley in the season finale.

Piper Chapman & Brook Soso also belong to that gang irrespective of their race.

The list is never-ending! The cast of Orange Is the New Black is very huge and every character has its own weight. We are just waiting for the season finale just to see how things will wrap up.

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