Kamal Hassan, ‘The God Of Cinema’ aces every role with the ability to transform himself into a character. Whenever he is on screen, you won’t see a Kamal Hassan! You will see a character telling its story as you watch the movie amusingly you will end up falling in love with Kamal Hassan for the nth time. Kamal Hassan started his film career as a child artist (when he was just 6 years old!) in the movie Kalathur Kannamma and won President’s Gold Medal for Best Child Actor. Thus he proved that he is born to be an actor and kept proving it over and over again.

Since Kamal Hassan is a born Tamilian, most of his movies are in Tamil but he is also a part of other film industries such as Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam. Kamal Hassan is known for his multi-talented personality. He has taken the Indian film industry to another level with his innovation and movie-making skills. Some of the best-created movies by him are ‘Chachi 420’, ‘Vishwaroopam’, ‘Hey Ram’, and many more.

Kamal Hassan has acted in more than 230 films and is the only Indian actor who worked for more than 60 years in the field of Cinema. He won the first national award as best actor for the Tamil movie Moondram Pirai. Then he grabbed National awards for his acting in Nayakan and Indian thus becoming the second Indian actor to win the highest number of National Awards (Amitabh Bachchan being the number one!).

Must-Watch Kamal Hassan Movies

1) Sadma (1983)

Must Watch Kamal Hassan Movies

This movie was an official entry of Sridevi into Bollywood. Originally released in Tamil as ‘Moondram Pirai‘, a story of a young girl who regresses to childhood after suffering a head injury. After one year this movie was remade in Hindi as ‘Sadma’ with Kamal Hassan and Sridevi in the lead roles. Though Sridevi is the charm of the movie, it is difficult to sideline Kamal Hassan because in the climax he is the one who will make you cry. The way he cares for the lost girl without misusing her will steal your heart. The character ‘Somu’ is one of the beautiful personalities that we rarely see in reel and real life.

2) Ek Duje Ke Liye (1981)

In 1981, Ek Duje Ke Liye movie made a collection of 100 million INR at the box office. This was originally released in Telugu as ‘Maro Charitra’ with Kamal Hassan and Madhavi in the lead roles. When remade in Hindi, the lead actress was changed to Rati Agnihotri. The movie is a beautiful love story of a young boy and girl falling in love with each other. Though they are neighbors, their parents won’t agree to this relationship because of the cultural difference between the south and north. This movie gave the hit song “Tere Mere Beech Mein..’ which won millions of hearts.

3) Dasavathaaram (2008)

Must Watch Kamal Hassan Movies

Dasavathaaram is one of the most brilliant experiments in the history of Indian Cinema. Kamal Hassan has written the story, screenplay and acted in 10 different roles in this movie. Dasavathaaram is an action movie that revolves around science and experiments. A scientist finds out that one of the bio-weapon is being misused hence he runs against time to save lives from the disaster. Dasavathaaram is the most anticipated Indian movie and has won a total of 15 awards at different award functions.

4) Mahanadi (1994)

Kamal Hassan became every household favorite after his movie Mahanadi. As an innocent family man who gets convicted of financial fraud, Kamal Hassan, as Krishnaswamy gives his best performance in this movie. Mahanadi will make you sad, depressed, angry, and lost for words.. Kamal is magical in this movie and Mahanadi is definitely one of the best performances of Kamal in his whole career.

5) Pushpaka Vimana (1987)

Pushpaka Vimana was released in Kannada and in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages under different titles. Pushpaka Vimana has no dialogues. This movie churned the best out of Kamal Hassan by challenging him to do something out of his comfort zone. Pushpaka Vimana revolves around an unemployed bachelor who wants to be rich. When he fails to find a job, he ends up choosing the wrong path to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Kamal Hassan received the whole applause for his performance in this movie and Pushpaka Vimana is one of the must-watch Indian movies.

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6) Vishwaroopam (2013)

Directed, produced, and acted by Kamal Hassan, Vishwaroopam is one of the action thriller Indian movies. In the movie, Kamal Hassan is a classical dancer but his wife has speculations against him. She sets an investigator to find out the truth and he ends up finding darker secrets about the classical dancer. The movie was banned in Tamil Nadu by Muslims objecting to the outfits used in the movie. However, it was sorted soon when other actors came in support of Kamal Hassan. Vishwaroopam 2 has been released in 2018 but it didn’t meet the expectations hence box office collection soared.

7) Rama Sharma Bahama (2005)

Must Watch Kamal Hassan Movies

Not many people are aware of this fun-filled comedy Kannada movie by Kamal Hassan. Being a Tamilian, Kamal Hassan aced the North Karnataka dialect in the movie. He connects with the nativity by speaking the local dialect fluently and that is where the movie won. The movie is filled with comedy punches taking you on a laughter roller coaster. Rama Shama Bhama is one of the best family movies and must-watch if you are a die-hard Kamla fan.

8) Virumaandi (2004)

Must Watch Kamal Hassan Movies

Virumaandi is another masterpiece by Kamal Hassan. This Tamil movie set the bar high for other movies with its innovative way of unfolding the story. It is a story of two prisoners who reveal their story and explain how they ended up in the prison. The story has been told by two people from two different angles hence it is difficult for the viewer to take sides. Many directors were inspired by Virumaandi and once again Kamal Hassan proved that nobody can stop him from making brilliant movies.

9) Vikram (2022)

Must Watch Kamal Hassan Movies

The recently released Vikrama movie is the latest movie by Kamal Hassan. With superstars such as Kamal Hassan, Fahad Faasil, and Vijay Sethupatji, Vikram was the most anticipated and most-awaited cinema. Vikram skyrocketed box office collection and became an instant hit after its release in theatres. The movie is about a police officer in special operations investigating a case where he finds out very dramatic truths about the criminal. Compared to the best of Kamal Hassan movies, Vikram fails to outshine Kamal. However, the star-studded casting has made this movie one of the most special in the history of Kamal Cinemas.

10) Thevar Magan (1992)

When we look at must-watch movies of Kamal Hassan most of the movies on the list are from the 90s. Kamal was the best during this time and many movies have proved his excellence as an actor. One of them that should be on the list is, Thevar Magan. This movie won National Film Awards for the best regional film – Tamil. The story is about an educated man who returns to India to open a chain of restaurants.

It is hard to pick just 10 movies out of 200(+) but we have done our best to consolidate this list. If you think of any other movie that should be on this list then please mention it in the comment section.

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