Malayalam movie industry is catching everyone’s eyes with its unique movies. While the movie makers are coming with the best script, screenplay, cinematography, and music, the actors are giving their best performance making it a feast for the movie addicts. The Best example to this is; Malayalam movies bragged a number of awards in the last year’s 67th National Film awards. Every year, many good movies get released in Malayalam hence it is difficult to pick the top 25 movies of the decade from the huge list.

We have tried to filter and picked some of the best Malayalam movies on this list. If you see anything missing or recommend any movies then please drop them in the comment section.

25 Best Malayalam Movies;

1) Drishyam (2013)

Drishyam is one of the popular and most loved Malayalam movies because of Mohan Lal and the well-known writer Jeethu Joseph. Georgekutty is a happy family man living with his wife and two daughters. Their lives turn upside down when his elder daughter was harassed and filmed by the son of a police inspector. Georgekutty goes beyond his limits to protect his family and their family’s secret. Drishyam movie chronicles the extent to which a common man can go to protect his family. Drishyam 2 was released recently on prime.

2) Premam (2015)

Premam is a romantic drama showcasing the love life of a man at three different stages of his life. Nivin Pauly as George David falls in love with three different girls during high school, college, and adult life. As we all know that feelings change with age and maturity, George David feels different every time he falls in love. Premam is a beautiful saga highlighting nature, innocence, and the practicality of love with time.

3) Vettah (2016)

Vettah is the battle between two police officers. They start their investigation to find a missing actress and proceed with arresting their first suspect. Vettah takes interesting turns as the investigation fails to achieve its findings. It makes viewers curious about the criminal who refuses to reveal anything even after admitting to the crime. There is political vendetta, pressure on police officers just like how it happens in the real world.

4) Helen (2019)

Helen is all about survival! When life throws you under the bus all you can do is fight for the living. A simple story that won’t fail to impress you! Anna Ben as Helen has done an incredible job. She is a part-time worker at a restaurant, living with her dad, and has a sweet little world of her own. One day she doesn’t return to the house even after the regular work hours. Her father files a missing complaint and everyone who knows her starts to look for her. But nobody knows where exactly Helen is and what she might be going through to survive for a day!

5) Charlie (2015)

A girl goes in search of a guy who is like the wind. Charlie is that guy who moves like the wind, never settles, always in search of something that excites him! After staying in the room where Charlie has been lived, Tessa, highly impressed by his character goes to every place where charlie has been. Many people who know Charlie help her to find him but is it possible to catch the wind? Charlie movie is about true love and teaches us a lot about the true essence of life.

6) Take Off (2017)

The movie says ‘Save one life, you are a hero; Save a hundred lives, you are a nurse’. Take off movie is about saving a group of nurses held captive in Iraq by ISIS. A group from Kerala along with Sameera and Shaheed decide to move to Iraq for a better salary. They are not aware of the riots, the rising crisis in Iraq which makes throws them to danger once after moving to Iraq. It’s a very interesting movie and keeps the plot curious till the climax of the movie.

7) Uyare (2019)

Parvathy Thiruvothu is one of the best and talented south Indian actresses. There are very few actresses who take up meaningful roles and Parvathy is one of them. Uyare is a female-centric movie that showcases women’s empowerment in a true sense. Parvathy as Pallavi is a successful pilot but one day was attacked by her Ex with acid. She loses eyesight of one eye hence her pilot license was revoked. As the film progresses, the story highlights how women need to be strong and fight the odds to achieve what they want. Uyare is one of the must-watch Malayalam movies of all time.

8) Angamaly Diaries (2017)

Angamaly Diaries is a raw movie that revolves around a circle of young men and their temper issues. This movie is not just about the fight and crime but it also highlights the culture, festivals, language, and food. Angamaly Diaries has a realistic screenplay and worth listening music.

9) Ayyappanum Koshiyum (2020)

Set in the Kerala Village Attapadi, Ayyappanum Koshiyum is a clash of ego between two men. Koshy, an influential and rich personality, one day gets arrested by Ayyappan Nair. As the two men get involved in each other’s life, their clash continues striking at each other. Ayyappanum Koshiyum is a decent movie that highlights how power can be misused and the side effects of being too egoistic.

10) Oppam (2016)

Oppam movie is all about Mohan Lal and his amazing performance. In this movie, his role as a blind man is heart-touching and keeps you hooked up to the story. Jayaraman (Mohan Lal) works as a lift operator in an apartment is loyal to a retired judge. The judge receives threats from a criminal he imprisoned. Jayaraman takes care of his daughter after the judge got murdered. Oppam is a simple and emotional drama to watch with the family.

11) 7th day (2014)

7th Day is an action thriller cinema that tells us the story of criminals. When criminals accidentally meet the IPS officer, their crime comes out naked. The cop assures them to help but as the movie progresses we see the story unfold in an unexpected way. David Abraham (IPS) shows his colors when the time comes and criminals (and audience!) are really surprised to know the truth.

12) Neram (2013)

Neram is a movie about a jobless engineer who faces many difficulties to pay back his loan. Mathew takes a loan from the moneylender Vatti Raja. His relationship with Jeena gets complicated when her father rejects him for his unemployment. Mathew adjusts the money from his friend to recover his loan but unexpected situations come on his way. Neram is a thriller movie with black comedy and a brilliant performance by Nivin Pauly & Nazriya Nazim.

13) Bangalore Days (2014)

Bangalore Days is a simple, elegant movie that shows how to achieve dreams, how to live a simple life, and how to enjoy every bit of life. One of the most successful Malayalam movies because the story could relate to every young mind out there! Bangalore Days is the story of three cousins who relocate to Bangalore to achieve their dreams. As they adjust to the new city they learn a lot about themselves and the city.

14) Ustad Hotel (2012)

One of the finest movies of the Dulquer Salmaan, Ustad Hotel is all about love and life. This movie is an example that a very simple story can be shown in a motivational way and that can happen only by Malayalam filmmakers. Faizal aka Faizi joins his grandfather, Kareem, after a fight with his father. Kareem is running a hotel ‘Ustad Hotel’ in his village, where Faizi could show his chef skills. He also meets Shahana with whom he was supposed to marry and gets to know that she is a singer. Ustad hotel receives threats from a landowner and that is when Faizi works dedicatedly to save the hotel.

15) Om Shanthi Oshana (2014)

Om Shanthi Oshana is a perfect package for cinema lovers. It has beautiful songs, amazing locations, comedy, and a lovely screenplay. Om Shanthi Oshana is a romantic drama that runs around a girl who is in search of true love. She is ready to wait for the perfect guy to lead a perfect love life. The movie is very light, fun-filled, and violence-free making it cute to watch on the screen.

16) Moothon (2019)

Moothon is a movie about transgender that addresses the issues they face in real life. We must appreciate Nivin Pauly for daring to take this challenging role and he absolutely nailed it. Mulla, a 14-year-old child goes to Mumbai in search of his brother, Akbar. Akbar, being transgender left Lakshadweep islands because of his own personal reasons. Movie reveals some dark truths about transgenders and is one of the must-watch Malayalam movies that invokes social awareness.

17) Ennu Ninte Moideen (2015)

A heart-touching story that will surely make you emotional with its innocence and pure love. Two souls who are known by their rich families fall in love. They aren’t aware of the issues they are going to face once their families find about them. Both families oppose their love, pressurize them to leave everything behind. One of the best Malayalam movies that can be watched with the family.

18) Urumi (2011)

Urumi is a classical Malayalam Movie that takes you back to the 16th century. When Vasco da Gama arrives in Kerala in the 16th century he killed many people who tried to confront him and his troops. Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar lost his father during one such confrontation and decides to take revenge for the death of his father. The screenplay and the Cinematography of Urumi are really worth watching! One of the best historical cinemas in the Indian film industry.

19) Amen (2013)

Amen is a cute love story between a poor saxophonist and a rich girl. Since their relationship is not accepted by the girl side family, Solomon struggles hard to get married to her. Movie has a beautiful track by Prashant Pillai which scores additional marks. You will start falling in love with the making of this movie from the very beginning of its title song. Movie runs in the village hence you will get see all the aspects of village life.

20) Joseph (2018)

Currently available on Amazon Prime, Joseph is a well-made crime thriller Malayalam movie. Though there are four retired policemen as part of this story, the core of the movie revolves around Joseph. Joseph being one of the finest investigators in his times is now retired, passing his time with friends and mostly drinking. Since the police keep him involved to solve any difficult case, Joseph gets into a case that drags him deep into his own life. The entire cast has done an amazing job to make the movie more thrilling in its own kind.

21) Salt n Pepper (2011)

When two people who are like salt and pepper meet accidentally the first impression is obviously a fight because they think they are different. But as they get to know each other, the similarities between them collide and that becomes a foundation for a strong relationship. Salt n Pepper is a fun, comedy ride with a pinch of romance.

 22) Njan Prakashan (2018)

Prakashan wants to spend a classy, modern, and lavish life abroad hence he decides to get a visa by marrying a lady living abroad. He is a sexist, scammer and can do anything to achieve his foreign dream. However soon he will realize the real meaning and value of life. Fahadh, as always has outdone his performance as P.R.Prakash and keeps you hooked up throughout the movie.

23) Memories (2013)

Another must-watch Malayalam movie in the crime thriller genre. In the movie Memories, Sam Alex, a cop whose life was altered after the murder of his wife and daughter. He becomes an alcoholic in the memories of his family and takes a long leave to come out of his sorrow. Later he gets involved in a serial murder case where he finds out that the killings are quite similar to his loved one’s murder. Movie gets interesting as the investigation continues revealing unexpected twists in the story.

24) Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi (2013)

Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi is all about traveling and discovering the true identity of oneself. Two friends, Kasi and Suni, who studied engineering together, go on a bike trip from Kerala to Nagaland to find Kasi’s girlfriend. On their way, they come across many people, places that create a great impact on both of them. It is a fun-filled, energetic movie to watch that matches most of the youngster’s life and thoughts.

25) Sudani from Nigeria (2018)

Sudani from Nigeria is about soccer and the game spirit. Majeed, a talented young man, being a hard-core player of soccer brings three people from Nigeria to play in his team. This small team living in the rural village of Kerala, Malappuram, faces many financial challenges even after having potential. When Samuel, one of the players in his team gets injured, Majeed, decides to take care of him at his home to avoid hospital bills. They develop a strong connection with each other and learn a lot about themselves in this process.

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