We often hear work-life balance in our day-to-day life. Basically, a person has to balance his or her work and personal life. When you mix both wither you end up with issues like depression, emotional stress, mental pressure, relationship breakups, and many more. No matter how hard you try to keep them separate somehow they get mixed to cause inconvenience. Because we all are humans! But what if there is a technology with which you can keep your work life and personal life separate? What if you can completely forget about your work as soon as you exit the office building?

Sounds interesting right?

What is Severance?

Severance is an Emmy award winning psychological thriller show consisting of 9 episodes. Created by  Dan Erickson and directed by Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle, Severance received 14 nominations in the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards and won two of them in the category of outstanding drama series and acting. It is one of the best and must watch shows on Apple Tv Plus.

The show starts with a woman waking up on the table. When she wakes up she realizes that she doesn’t have any memory. Not even her name or how she ended up on that table. However, she could recall a US state name when asked. Which means she remembered everything except her personal life. She realizes that she is being monitored by people even outside the room. She tries to escape from the premises but she will end up in the same zone every time she exits from the door. she was introduced to herself as Helly. Later she will realize that she choose this life by herself. The office is surrounded by white walls with only other three people as her colleagues.

Lumon Industries is a biotechnology corporation that uses a medical procedure called ‘Severance’. As per this procedure, a chip will be inserted in a person’s head with which he can distinguish between his personal life and work life. When he is in an office building he won’t remember anything outside that building. He acts like a totally new person. He is totally a different character. His likes and dislikes are different. When he gets out of that building he automatically regains memories of his life in which he cannot recollect anything related to work. Thus he is living two different lives in one single life.

Outies and Innies

People like Mark Scout who want to forget their pain choose ‘severance’. This way, Mark wanted to come out of the bitter memories of his wife who died in a car accident. Thus people are aware of the Lumon Industries procedure and they intentionally choose to be ‘severed’ by accepting all terms and conditions. They address themselves as outie, the one who lives outside the office building, and innie, the one who works in the Lumon Industries.

This sounds so simple and fascinating but being severed has its own consequences. Irving keeps dozing off in the office but he doesn’t at all know why his outie is not sleeping properly. Such discussions haunt them. They get curious about themselves.

The problem started when..

Helly joined the team. She was not at all ready to accept this life. Since they cannot carry anything from the office to the outside world she cannot tell how exactly she is feeling about this job to her outie. She tries many ways but wouldn’t succeed. Petey, Mark’s best friend suddenly leaves the job. When management doesn’t give a prompt response, Mark starts to worry about Petey. Lumen Industries started to look suspicious all of a sudden.

That’s when things start to unreveal..

Mark, Dylan, Irving, and Helly discover that there is a way to get into the outside world. Together they plot to see what exactly Lumon industries in into.

One of the Best Show on Apple TV

Yes. The Cinematography is outstanding. It creates a psychological mode that you keep thinking about it. There are only 7-8 main characters but the show reveals two different worlds with its amazing concept of storytelling. If you are looking for the best tv show to binge-watch then this is the one!

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