Review of Upload

The first season of ‘Upload’ was released in 2020 and now after the successful streaming of season 2, there has been an announcement about season 3. ‘Upload’ will make you laugh out loud with its witty dialogues because this is from the creator of ‘The Office’. Yes, Greg Daniels is the creator of the show. Set in the future, ‘Upload’ is one of the rare afterlife sci-fi dramas. The plot is that in 2033 people can upload themselves into a virtual world after their death. In this virtual world, they can live their life where everything has been set artificially.

The future tech innovations shown in the show are quite plausible. That is what makes the show terrifying. We are in the era of technological development where you can meet people virtually, play with them, have conversations, VR headsets are already on the market. So no wonder, we are watching our future right now through Upload.

Review of Upload
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If you have seen ‘Black Mirror’, one of the must-watch British shows on Netflix, and are a fan, then you will definitely like Upload. Black Mirror is set in a high-tech multiverse where humanity’s greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide. The show was applauded by many because of its futuristic innovations that seemed like our real future. Now, ‘Upload’ on prime has a similar concept though as per experts uploading life after death is many many decades away. But there is nothing wrong with imagining the future right?

What makes Upload worth watching is the use of technology throughout the series.

Autonomous vehicles, 3-D printed food, holographic smartphones that can be projected between the thumb and forefinger, entry of real people to the virtual world by wearing a specially designed suit, Network connection where people from the virtual world can call, text to the people living on the earth and so on… There is no logic to many concepts but yeah, why not have fun with the technology! Uploads can have any avatar they want, any age, get muscles, fit body.. The list goes on.

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What is Upload?

As the name states ‘Upload’ series is about uploading people into heaven (what they call!) and helping them live even after death. In 2033, uploading becomes a business where many organizations start uploading people by offering various offers. The first season introduced the upload system in detail. After the unfortunate premature death, Nathon Brown gets uploaded into the Lakeview. His angel in Lakeview is Nora with whom he starts conversing.

One of the harsh realities of Lakeview is that people who don’t have enough money are provided only 2 Gigs of data. Hence they cannot buy anything that is luxurious. They stay in a white box that has no facilities. Whereas the premium clients have their own room with a lake view, can order anything they want, and use the Lakeview premises. The location is so rich and beautiful that people definitely want to live there! Even if it’s virtual! Horizen (the company) assigns a customer representative (called an angel) to each upload. Angel listens to their requests, tries to serve through the call if that didn’t work out then they enter into the virtual world to solve their client’s issue. There is also a rating system so every angel works hard to get 5 stars.

Upload Season 2

Season 2 is released in March 2022.

First season left us with a clue that Nora and Nathan like each other but how they will be together was the question. Because Nathan is dead and living in the virtual world, Nora is alive and can only see Nathan but cannot feel him or bring him to earth. Season 2 continued the same love saga however this time they started the series with real things. Nora is happy with her new job. Not just a change in Nora’s life, there are many additions to season 2. One of them is digital babies! Uploads can order digital babies with specific requirements to experience the parenting or feel nostalgic.

Review of Upload
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The twist in the tale is that there is an option to download too. If the body of the dead is preserved and uploaded person wants to download himself then he can do that! But it’s not that easy! There are consequences! In season 1 scientists were still experimenting with this but in season 2 you will see the successful download.

There is always a glitch in a show that is based on technology. Upload is no exception. For example the concept of download! There is not enough explanation of how can this be possible! But keeping those fact-checks aside, if you watch Upload as a fantasy sci-fi drama then you will enjoy the show more.

It sounds scary but do you want to upload yourself? What are your thoughts? Drop-in your comments.

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