We started watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime because there were 50k+ reviews for this show. Having 4+ rating by 50k+ people is not a small thing.

Can you believe there exists a man who can trick a person in the split of a second? He can steal a Rolex watch in the blink of an eye while winning in his card game.

Sneaky Pete is a Crime drama series based a Con man. Marius Josipovic robs gangsters and they haunt him everywhere. After prison time he takes the identity of his cellmate named Pete.

Original Pete is still in jail who always talks about his family. Thus Marius has come to know everything about Pete’s family and the way to convince each of them.

After the release, Marius enters Pete’s house as PETE. Pete’s grandparents Otto and Audrey haven’t seen Pete since from his childhood. Otto and Audrey run bail bonding business which is falling apart because of various reasons. Their love for their grandson Pete is pure and they don’t have reasons to doubt him.

Hence it becomes easy for Marius to be Pete and everyone in the family trusts him. He brilliantly manages the situation when they show him old photo album, his friend’s names, and many other scenes.

Gangsters successfully locate Marius and start troubling again. Marius struggles to keep his secrets, real identity hidden and along with that, he develops emotional bonding with the family.

Best TV show on Amazon Prime

He is always on run, from police, from gangsters, from his past, from his own name, and from the lies. Everything bounces back in the end tragically.

this chilling show makes you bite your nails and pray for fake Pete. The beauty of this show is everything is revealed to viewers still keeping them glued to the story.

Giovanni Ribisi has done an extraordinary role as Pete. He is made for this show! His performance, involvement as a character, expressions, excitement, tension succeeds in bringing an equal amount of reaction in viewers.

Have you seen the movie Avatar? 

best TV show on Amazon Prime

Giovanni Ribisi has taken the role of Parker Selfridge, head administrative of RDA on Pandora. He started his acting career when he was 9 as per his interview with Newyork Times.

Concept of Sneaky Pete is refreshing but the flow and storyline are simple. It is a story of family, emotions, problems and hence it is easy to connect.

Created by David Shore and Bryan Cranston

best TV show on Amazon Prime

Bryan Cranston’s name sounds familiar? Our Walter White of Breaking Bad created this series which is quite opposite of Breaking Bad. As Ribisi says this is ‘Breaking Good’!

Cranston has proved himself once again! Coming from a family with no-father and alcoholics mother, Cranston has worked hard to be everything that he is today.

It was not an easy path! He compares himself to Sneaky Pete, a person who always search shortcuts, ways to earn money. Hence Cranston’s favorite things conning, Bail bonds, family emotions can be seen in Sneaky Pete.

Here are some of the characters from Sneaky Pete

Audrey is the grandmother of Pete, the pillar of the family. She tries hard to keep the family together amidst all the struggles. Otto and Audrey are too adorable to watch on the screen.

Julia is Pete’s cousin who handles dangerous business and is portrayed as a strong woman. She keeps Pete’s secrets because Pete helps her dealing with dangerous clients.

The Original Pete with fake Pete!

Cousin Taylor who bullied Pete when they both were kids. He is a police officer but he has own secrets.

This young investigator always keeps an eye on Pete. She knows something is not right! Because of her, Pete had to face unprepared situations.

Sneaky Pete Season 3 is Available Now!

Currently, there are Sneaky Pete three seasons available on Amazon Prime. You can binge-watch the show right away!

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