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When it comes to Indian movies Amazon is the number 1 because it has some of the best Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil movies. New movies instantly come to Amazon making it one of the best movie platforms.

I was really impressed by the Amazon when it bought the KGF movie while it was still in theatres. It paid a huge amount and showed their love for movies.

There are many good Hindi movies on Amazon Prime. Hindi Medium, Tumaari Sulu, Raabta, Ghazi attack, Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, Newton, Hitchki, Simran and many others available to watch with Prime.

Not only the movies but Amazon has introduced some of the best shows. Most of them are produced by Amazon hence each and every show is best when it comes to quality.

10 Best Bollywood Movies on Amazon Prime;

1) KGF

2) Gully Boy

3) Manikarnika

4) Andhadhun

5) Padmaavat

6) Raazi

7) October

8) Dhadak

9) Gold

10) Tumbbad

1) KGF- Chapter 1

Hindi Movies on Amazon Prime

Originally produced in Kannada, KGF was later translated into all major Indian languages. This most expected movie was made for 2 years with a high budget and effort.

KGF is totally raw, intense, well shot, and has an interesting plot. The storyline is well built in a way that missing a single second will cost a lot in terms of understanding twists.

A small boy who has grown up as poor, orphan dreams of ruling the world. He creates his own path with his courage and strength. While he was in Mumbai he gets an offer to kill the person who was ruling KGF. When he enters KGF to kill him, he gets to know the struggles of the people living there.

Yash is one of the prominent Hero in the KFI industry, is the heart of this movie while Anantnag is the beat. There is no single thought about their performance in the movie.

If you love the aspects of Cinema such as cinematography, artwork, making, etc then this one is for you. Every scene is crafted taking care of minute factors.

2) Gully Boy

Hindi Movies on Amazon Prime

Do you want to know the life story of Eminem? Then watch Gully Boy!

8 Mile is an English movie made based on Eminem’s life. Gully Boy is the Hindi version of 8 Mile. From poster to the story, everything is taken from 8 Mile.

Gully Boy is the story of a young boy who is struggling with his poverty and his dream is to become a rap singer. His father wants him to get a degree and then a job, the uncle who treats him like a servant, financial difficulties, and absolutely no support to pursue his dream.

Gully Boy is the universal biography of all those boys who are fighting with their poverty and dream. They have talent but no opportunities to take it forward.

Since it is the story of Eminem, who came from a poor family and became Top singer movie is an inspiration. Alia Bhat, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Kalki have given their best.

3) Manikarnika

Hindi Movies on Amazon Prime

Amidst all controversies Manikarnika, the movie stood like a warrior and beat all the odds. It’s not a Kangana Ranavat movie, it is Jhansi Rani movie.

Kangana gives her best when it comes to acting. She is the Queen of Bollywood. Many compared her to Deepika Padukone and said Deepika would have done the role better. No! If you see the movie as Jhansi Rani’s life story then definitely you will like. Bollywood seriously needs to come out of Nepotism.

Manikarnika is the story of Jhansi Rani who fought against the British during freedom fight. The war, Rani Laxmibai’s bravery, hard days of freedom fights are shown making it visually beautiful and traditional.

4) Andhadhun

Ayushmana Khurana is one of the promising actors in Bollywood. He chooses his script wisely and gives his best.

In Andhadhun movie he pretends to be a blind man. This blind piano player ends up witnessing a murder and series of events happen making him fight to escape from the crime.

After a long time, Tabu had appeared in this movie. Tabu as Simi is the wife of the deceased and she knows Akash (Ayushman) can see everything.

This movie gives chills in guessing what might happen next. Very smartly articulated story by using the best talent out of Khurrana & Tabu.

5) Padmaavat

Hindi Movies on Amazon Prime

Queen Padmini aka Padmavati is the legendary queen of the Mewar Kingdom who ruled Rajasthan for years. According to history, she was the most beautiful queen. Alauddin Khilji was impressed by Padmaavati who comes to conquer the Mewar kingdom.

Padmaavat movie is based on Queen Padmini. It faced many riots and the people of Rajasthan demanded to ban the movie because of some scenes shown in the movie.

Rajasthan people were not happy with the way Padmaavati is depicted in the movie. However, the movie was released successfully by changing its name and deleting a few scenes.

As they claimed, the person who impresses the most in the movie is Alauddin Khilji. It is Ranveer Singh’s acting level but he becomes dominant throughout the movie. We all should appreciate Ranveer for his talent of becoming a character in every movie.

As usual, Deepika as Padmaavat is astonishing, it is difficult to takeout eyes from her.  Shahid is a gentleman who got fooled twice!

Overall Padmaavat is one of the must-watch movies which you shouldn’t miss.

6) Raazi

Hindi Movies on Amazon Prime

After movies like Highway, Udta Panjab Alia Bhat has proved once again. This young beautiful lady will be the top heroines of Bollywood for many years!

RAW ( Research and Analysis Wing) is the riskiest jobs especially for RAW agents who are working between India and Pakistan. They are risking their life. If Pakistan finds them then India will not even come forward to proclaim that they are Indian agents. Then they may be killed or taken to custody or kept behind bars.

Raazi is the story of one such RAW agent who marries Pakistani in order to provide information to India. While being in their house as their daughter in law, she has to work against them!

The film is full of emotions and patriotism. Songs of Raazi movies are extraordinary and some scenes will make you cry.

It will not be fair if we forget to mention Vicky Kaushal. As a sensitive and supportive husband, he has given his best.

7) October

Hindi Movies on Amazon Prime

After making movies like Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, Judwa 2, Varun decided to give his acting test. He chose a completely opposite script which needs only acting and passed it with distinction.

October is the silent love saga between a man and a coma patient. They both were working as interns in Hotel Management. Though they are working under the same roof, their world is completely different.

They have never met face to face, never spoke and never even bothered to know about each other. One day accidentally she falls down from the third floor of the hotel. This injures her brain and she will be in the Coma stage.

This movie needs the patience to understand the emotions that they are trying to express. It is like reading a book. Not everything unfolds on the screen, some things will work with emotions.

October showcases how we are ignorant about people around us. The value of others will be realized, the emptiness of their space can be felt only when they are gone.

At the end of the movie, you will feel sad because of the climax but it is worth watching.

8) Dhadak

People who have already watched Sairat don’t watch this movie!

Dhadak is the remake of Marathi movie Sairat. Sairat movie got a tremendous response and it was a blockbuster nationwide. Karan Johar decided to introduce legendary actress Shreedevi’s daughter Jahnvi Kapoor through this movie.

Story of teenagers who fell in love and then get married. Dhadak’s storyline is a little different from Sairat, posh I can say because Sairat is completely raw and happens in a village.

Dhadak is not up to Sairat but if you just watch Dhadak then the movie is good. Janhvi and Ishaan will remind your teenage days. They are fresh and cute to watch together on the screen.

9) Gold

Akshay Kumar movie!

You know how Akshay Kumar smartly chooses the scripts. I doubt whether they create scripts for him or he makes every script suitable for himself.

This movie can be compared with Shahrukh Khan’s ChakDe. Because the story of both movies is to bring gold in an Olympics game for the Indian Hockey team.

Akshay Kumar is the coach who wants to see his team win Gold in an Olympics and hoist Indian flag in the international ground. During British rule, Tapan Das managed to make his team win in an Olympics. But even after that British hoisted their flag and Indians have to bend under it.

After Independence, he decides to coach the team again and dreams to hoist the Indian flag. Since this is post-independence, facilities, support for Hockey was not that great and he had to struggle with everything.

There is no doubt in Akshay Kumar’s performance. Supporting actors Mouni Roy, Kunal Kapoor, Amith Sadh have done a fabulous job. This movie will make you feel proud!

10) Tumbbad

A very unique and different storyline! Tumbbad is the story revolving around the creation of the universe, gods, and mysteries.

Hastar is the firstborn of the goddess, a greedy and arrogant person. Even after giving the ownership of all gods, Hastar became greedy about the food.

Very originally made movie and is different from other Indian thriller movies. They have put a lot of effort to give natural effects. The sounds, light, night scenes, rain, etc have created very carefully making it one of the best movie,

The movie questions human greed while highlighting the mythology. There is constant rain and beautiful locations thus the cinematography of the movie is outstanding.

Tumbbad gives different experience compared to all other movies.

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