Judge Judy is a reality show where real-life cases are resolved by Judge Judy Sheindlin. In this court, she is the lawyer from both sides and judge.

Judy listens to the case from both sides, examines proofs, Crosschecks witnesses and then finally gives judgment. Recording of this show is aired every day on CBS.

First show opens up to a court scene and a background voice gives the details of the case. Parties will be called to chair for further inquiry by Judge Judy.

The party who has filed a complaint is called Plaintiff and an oppsite party is called as a defendant. These are the terminologies used to address both the parties in every episode.

Once the judgment is given, an anchor asks a few questions about the judgment outside the hall.

Nothing is scripted here! Real people & real cases! Whatever Judge Judy says, decides, questions are real. There is a website where people can lodge their complaints which will be checked by the Judy team and then called to court.

Cases are mostly small incidents such as relationship issues, rental agreements, Street fights, money lendings, small car accidents, online sales, and many other similar cases.

How Judge Judy Show Started?

Have you heard of ‘The people’s court’? It is a similar show run by 2 Judges resolving small claim disputes.

Former producers of The People’s court gave chance to Judy to start her own courtroom show. This show made Judy television’s longest serving Judge and she received Guinness Award in 2015!

Judge Judy is known for her strict rules, fair judgment, funny expressions, and wittiness. Sometimes very weird cases come on the show and it is fun to watch them.

Amongst all such TV shows, Judge Judy is popular because of her firm judgment & Savage moments.

Today we are going to see some of Judge Judy’s funniest cases.

Broken Toilet

This is the case about the Broken toilet. Plaintiff complained about the defendant that she went into the toilet for 20 mins and then it was broke! 

Judge Judy said “My toilet broke last week. You think I went around trying to find the last person who sat on it?”

Who killed the cat?

5-6 friends were partying in one of the girl’s room. According to the girl, she saw her drunk friend lifting the TV and throwing over the cat. Then Cat died on the spot.

During interrogation, that guy said he doesn’t remember anything and also he didn’t kill the cat.

Now Judy has to find out who killed the cat! 

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The dog was the main witness

Man sought Judy’s help in getting back his dog. His dog was taken by another lady and she proclaimed that she found it on the streets. However, she wasn’t ready to return the dog and said that it is HER dog.

Judy asked the lady to put the dog down and it immediately ran to its owner (the man!).

Stolen case

A girl came to Judge Judy with the complaint that her things were stolen by a guy (Defendant was on the stand & he said he didn’t steal anything from the girl). She was explaining what all things are stolen.

Judy asked her what was there in her wallet. The girl said “50 bucks, Giftcards, earpiece….”

While the girl was answering Judy’s question, that dumb guy said “There was no earpiece mam” 

Take LIKE out of the dictionary

Judge Judy doesn’t leave people who take her court lightly. She just kicks them off!

There was a guy who was addicted to using LIKE in every sentence. His answers were like ‘I created my bank account LIKE 2-3 months back’, ‘I deposited LIKE 25 bucks’, ‘Total amount was LIKE 800 dollars’…

Then Judy snapped him for using LIKE and told him to take LIKE out of the dictionary 

What is Rocket Science?

A girl broke her friend’s iPhone and hence she has to return the phone or money to her. Simple! But she refused to do so. Hence the victim came to Judge Judy’s court to seek help.

Judy: You made mistake, you negligently ruined her iPhone so you have to pay for that. It is as simple as that! It’s not rocket science!! What is rocket science?

Girl: Rocket science is the thing scientists find about the space 

Its fun to see when such metaphors are taken seriously in courts.

Laptop & Computer debate

There was a case where Defendant borrowed Plaintiff’s laptop. But when Judge Judy asked her ‘Did you borrow her computer? defendant said NO.

Because she thought Laptop is not a computer 

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