It’s time to talk about one of my favorite shows, THIS IS US. A family show suitable for all generations and it has some great morals for everyone!

This is us is a story of Father, Mother & their three children. The reason why it affects viewers more than any other show because the story runs from the time this couple was in love until they get old.

Their love life, marriage, pregnancy, triplets delivery, the childhood of their children, teenage and so on. Once after the delivery of three kids, you watch them grow. Their teenage makes you feel nostalgic and you will be there throughout.

Jack, Rebecca, Kate, Randall, and Kevin become part of our life.

The beauty of this series is the way they have combined different phases of life without affecting the flow. I just wonder how much effort they might have put in story writing and screenplay. The director of this show beautifully written Jack’s character but kept the secret about his disappearance. Which made people binge watch this series just to know what happened to Jack.

Trust me, I was sobbing while watching some of the episodes. This is us is an emotional ride between the 80s and 90s.

Let me brief you what this show is about;

Jack and Rebecca are a happily married couple who gets pregnant with triplets. Jack has small business hence they belong to the middle-class family.

Things start changing when Rebecca gets pregnant with triplets. Though they are happy about their kids, future financial state concerns them and Jack works hard to make everything better.

However, everything will not go according to our plan. If so, god would be jobless!

After the delivery, they will come to know that the third baby couldn’t survive. They already named their three kids, bought 3 cradles, decorated baby room to fit 3 kids, bought clothes, knitted three pair of socks…..

This affects Rebecca more and she seems depressed after the delivery. Then they decide to adopt the THIRD BABY!

That is how Randall enters the Pearson family. Entry of this black baby into the white family brings many questions from society. But Jack & Rebecca love their kids unconditionally.

I’m not going to tell you about the entire series!

1)  Always stand by your kids

This is us on NBC

We all have seen that one person doesn’t speak about his problems. DAD! In fact, he is the one who bears most of the burdens of the family. But he chooses to be silent.

Jack is one such father who bears all the pain silently. He is the hero of this show. He dedicated his life for his wife and kids. He did all he could, loved the kids unconditionally, and fought his weakness.

There is a scene in This is Us where pregnant Rebecca shouts at Jack, leaves the house and later realizes that it’s Jack’s birthday today. Then she comes back to say sorry. But the way Jack reacted in this situation is commendable. He knew his wife is going through many things by having 3 kids within her and showed his patience.

I doubt there exist men like Jack person in real life. He is a perfct husband and father.

2)  Forgive for the better future

This is us on NBC
THIS IS US — “The Right Thing to Do” Episode 111 — Pictured: (l-r) Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson, Ron Cephas Jones as William Hill — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

We all should learn to ‘LET GO’ things. The more you hold a grudge the more you will suffer. Sometimes most of the issues will be solved by just one simple forgiveness.

Randall is the best example when we are talking about forgiveness. He is empathetic throughout the story. He forgave his biological father even after knowing that he just left him in the fire station.

Once he grows up he got to know that his mother Rebecca is the reason to not to have any contact with his biological father. He was angry at her but still, he understood her love &  concerns and forgave her.

When Kevin and Randall were young, Kevin was jealous towards Randall because he thought Randall gets more love from his parents. Yet, Randall forgave him.

3) Kids learn from the parents

This is us on NBC
THIS IS US — “The Big Three” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Mackenzie Hancsicsak as Kate, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack, Parker Bates as Kevin, Lonnie Chavis as Randall — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Parents are the first teachers to their kids. Maybe they are not teaching in a classroom fashion but whatever they talk, eat, does is promptly followed by the kids.

If you are a parent, remember this – They are observing you!

Jack’s mother feared about him that he might end up like his father because Jack’s father was an alcoholic. Hence she always told him not to be like his father.

Jack was a great gentleman! He comforted his kids and taught them to do the right things in life. Randall follows his dad’s path. When he got married and had kids, he wanted to be like his father.

4) Nobody is perfect

We all are in the era of Social Media, hiding our sorrows and posing happily in front of the camera. Only we and our closed ones know what exactly we are going through. Otherwise, the rest of the world thinks that we are super happy! Jealous of us!

We need to learn that nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone has that baggage full of problems hanging to their back. We all have our own insecurities.

Big example to illustrate this fact is Kate. She has everything, loving mother, supportive father but her whole life she fought with Obesity. She tried everything she can but failed most of the times.

One thing to observe here is Jack’s support for Kate. He was always there for her.

5) Opposite poles attract

Have you observed Kate & Toby’s relationship? They are the perfect romantic couple of the show.

They both have obesity but Tony never bothers about it. While the same obesity is making Kate hide under the rock! She has an inferiority complex but Toby is funny.

Jack & Rebecca were also the same. While Rebecca forgets his birthday he is always first in surprising her with a lot of gifts. Though Jack used to drink on Rebecca’s back he never kept any secrets from her but Rebecca kept big secrets from Jack.

Then comes Randall and Beth! These two are ideal couple always taking care of their family. In the later episodes, they started facing a lot of differences.

‘This is us’ shows that when you are in a relationship you need to understand your partner’s emotions and behave accordingly. Understanding each other takes a relationship to the next level.

6) Family is everything

This is us on NBC
credit: art Schreiber

One thing that lasts forever is FAMILY. Misunderstanding will fade slowly making everyone realize others importance. Don’t hate family for your problems.

‘This is us’ full of family and love.  It feels that this family is really exists somewhere in our neighborhood. Every girl wants a husband like Jack Pearson. Every mother wants their Kid to be like Randall.

They have their differences but never let them empower their love and emotions. This show highlights the importance of family and relations.

7)  Learn to move on

This is us on NBC

Things will change! Nothing is constant in this world. Whatever we have might not be there for tomorrow. Live every day.

Once after Jack’s death, Rebecca married his best friend. Nobody ever imagined that Rebecca will accept someone else in her life. Because Jack and Rebecca were the perfect loving couple.

But when we think practically, being in Rebecca’s shoes we can understand her pain.  She doesn’t want to suffer alone in the memories of Jack. She loves him but she has her own life.

It is important to move on with life. Don’t be stagnant!

8)  Don’t feel ignored

Happened with Kevin! Kevin’s whole life was spent in ignorance by his parents. This was obvious too.

Jack and Rebecca were extremely cautious towards Kate and Randall. Kate was dealing with weight problems hence Rebecca always had an eye on her. Randall got extra care because they feared he might feel separated from the family because he is black (or adopted!).

In this process the one who was ignored was Kevin. He was fine hence his parents thought that he can handle on his own. This made him feel jealous of Randall.

It happens almost with everyone. Especially in families where there are more than 2 kids. Being a parent keep an eye on your kid to analyze what they are going through.

9) There is good in everything

William left Randall in the Fire station! He was not capable of taking a child’s financial responsibility. One of the sympathetic scenes from the show.

When he meets the grown-up Randall at the later point of life, William was guilty about his actions. He was scared to face Randall!

But William has a beautiful side of his own. He is a poet, calm and expressive. He agreed to Rebecca when she asked him not to meet his son he followed it punctually.

Sometimes life is cruel, it makes people do bad things. If we give them one more chance they might end up as the best humans we have ever met! Always see the good things in people, life and spread positivity.

10)  Pregnancy needs extra Care

Dear men, don’t take your pregnant wife lightly thinking it is one common phase of life. Pregnancy needs extra care for both men and women.

While the women are bearing physical and emotional pain, men are bearing the future financial tensions. It is one of the most important phases of life.

This is us on NBC

Jack and Rebecca were blessed with triplets but after the delivery came back to home with only 2 kids. Their dear son Kyle was gone before coming to life. Then they adopted another kid to fill the void.

Also, we have seen Rebecca shouting at Jack, eating more, and going through mood swings when she was pregnant. They both planned everything for their kids and proved as the best parents ever.

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